American Violence


Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
IMDb Rating 4.5 10 1286


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Denise Richards as Amanda Tyler
Bruce Dern as Richard Morton
Emma Rigby as Olivia Rose
Columbus Short as Ben Woods
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ptyagi-13755 10 / 10

Flagrant Starting, Fervent ending.

From a flagrant starting to the fervent climax, this masterpiece travels a trajectory replete with gorier tales of crimes and tell us about the gnarly issue of deliverane of justice in a violent society.

Reviewed by Blizzy88 1 / 10


Poor writing, poor acting, and poor directing. This is one of the worst movies in the last 25 years. Movie went off on tangents and couldn't stay in a cohesive storyline. Really bad acting. Oh what a waste of 90 mins.

Reviewed by valis1949 2 / 10

Where's Jean-Claude van Damme?

AMERICAN VIOLENCE is so bad it makes BLOODSPORT seem worthy of consideration for an Academy Award for Best Screenplay.

None of the story-line of AMERICAN VIOLENCE is even remotely plausible. The film's biggest premise is that Dr. Amanda Tyler (Denise Richards), a college professor, would actually have some say about the outcome of a man sentenced to death in Texas. Good Luck!

The entire film is just a hamfisted and amateurish presentation of an anti-death penalty point of view backed up by weak and tired arguments that have been offered time and time again. What was desperately needed was a little fresh insight on 'The Facts'. And, the violent sequences to bolster the argument against violence were corny, poorly presented, and completely unbelievable.

The whole project made me wonder what it might be like to have a film where toddlers recite the dialog from GOODFELLAS, and even that wacky undertaking would probably be more realistic, credible, and dramatic than anything in AMERICAN VIOLENCE. The only reason that I gave it two stars instead of one, is that I like Bruce Dern- maybe he was hard-up for money.

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