American Violence


Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Denise Richards as Amanda Tyler
Bruce Dern as Richard Morton
Emma Rigby as Olivia Rose
Columbus Short as Ben Woods
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lyn-lutrzykowski 1 / 10

Why? Dear god in heaven, why?

Oh my god, someone actually wrote words and made actors (not real good ones) say them out loud. Lost track of who was who. Hated every single character. So much plastic surgery I thought they'd melt. Why did Gronk decide to be in this? Thought it would never end! I need to go self flagellate for making myself watch this to the excruciating end.

Reviewed by viva-amego 2 / 10

Shallow movie

Starting with a violent murder case and a Dr. in criminal psychology to review the case gave me an impression that I would have a good movie but I was totally disappointed.

The story line is totally broken and it's like sketches that does not add to each other. Many murder cases but it seems like a random events that don't build something or contribute to the characters development. many useless events are added or at least not used to affect the story or the characters. The romance is so cheap and the main character fall in love in just 5 minutes and wanted to propose in a week later.

The characters are so shallow. They failed in showing deep psychological side for the characters despite introducing a Dr. in criminal psychology as a main character. There are no logic in introducing the characters. the back stories of side characters are totally neglected. The main character is always act like a superman with super skills so he is a thief, a sniper, a hacker and many more.

In the end of the a movies out of the blue they try to shove a message in our mind that the execution is bad act . without any proper justifications the characters just change their minds. just a sudden 180 degree flip of the character opinions. Making the message is totally alien to the movie story line.

In Nutshell It's a very shallow movie and you will not be satisfied if you are looking for good drama, violent crimes or deep psychology.

Reviewed by screechy_jim 4 / 10

Inappropriately named, entertainingly under performs.

When I see a movie with at title that begins 'American' I usually expect to be in for a bit of a treat. I think the makers of this one cottoned on to that and tried to hitch a ride on that bandwagon of success... which is unfortunate because this is really a dull melodramatic attempt at highlighting the issues of the death penalty, which it does very poorly indeed.

I'm not an American, I don't live in a country that has the death penalty, but if I did, I would be wholly appalled that this film tried to deal with such a serious issue in such a haphazard manner. The idea is good but the execution is beyond poor. The acting is terrible and the direction is several orders of magnitude worse. The pacing is wrong the plot is unbelievable and cinematography is dire. I'm not one of those people that says "worst picture I ever watched" or anything stupid like that, as it isn't; not by a long way, but it is still pretty bad in its own right.

The unfortunate thing about this movie is I got the impression that the parties involved, who wanted to bring the issue of 'the death penalty' to light, forgot that they were making a movie to do it. It becomes blatantly obvious by the end of the film (and I'm being totally objective as initially I knew nothing about this film nor what it was about) that this is the sole purpose for its existence, and whilst they may have had good intentions in doing so, a 'political rally' or 'petition' would probably have been a better use of their time.

I'm only surprised that I managed to see it through to the end. I maintained hope through most of the viewing, but buy the time I was 2/3rds through I knew the jig was up. Unfortunately I had already declined the trip to Ikea and had no other real options.

I'm not going to go into detail about the specifics as it isn't really worth it. I'll simply say not worth seeing and leave it at that.

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