American Satan


Drama / Music / Thriller

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Denise Richards as Kat Faust
Booboo Stewart as Vic Lakota
Malcolm McDowell as Mr. Capricorn
Patrick Muldoon as SS Singer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stuffsaleanthem 1 / 10

Had to turn it off. So lame

I figured that this might be slightly cheesy, but I had higher hopes after some of the cast was introduced and were veteran actors, but even they couldn't save this film. First "American Satan" should have had a metal band...not a Nickelback/Chevelle crossover. Second, again...SO CHEESY and typical stereotype cast saying stereotypical lines that are delivered as half assed as possible. Decent premise, terrible writing and terrible execution.

Reviewed by isaacmhunsinger 5 / 10

Not what I hoped for...

I have been looking forward to this movie since I saw the IMDb page and watched the trailer. I was hoping that it would be THE movie for fans of metalcore. But it wasn't just my overly high hopes for this movie that made me incredibly disappointed. I am usually very good at seeing the good parts of bad movies, as in, "Well, the acting wasn't very good, but the story was great!" While parts of this movie were alright, maybe even good at parts, not one aspect of this film was good all the way through.

Writing: 3/10 The basic story of American Satan might have been good if it was handled better. However, the script, if indeed there was a script, was awful, and many, many times it was hard to tell if the bad product on screen was because of bad writing or bad acting. The production quality didn't turn out to be good enough to convincingly carry the scope of the film, which could have been better handled if the writer/director knew his own limitations.

Directing: 4/10 When I saw the movie, I didn't know that the writer/director, Ash Avildsen, is the CEO and founder of Sumerian Record, the label that produces Asking Alexandria, (a great band, for the record). If I had known this I might have had a slight inclination that this movie was made with no better prospects than to reel in Andy Biersack fangirls, and metalcore fans, myself included, and not delivered with passion for or love for the music, or even quality movies. What was caught on camera and put on screen, at times, was so chaotic and incoherent, as my friend and I were watching the movie, at a pivotal part of the film, my friend looked over at me and asked, "Wait, what happened?" and I had to explain what I was pretty sure had happened but was not clearly shown. Also, what the trailers showed of the band playing in the movie looked great and I was really looking forward to it, however what was shown in the movie looked like it was ripped straight from a concert tape of your average rock band. I couldn't get into it, even as a huge fan of the kind of music they play. All in all, it just wasn't good, and I believe the person most at fault for this entire catastrophe is the writer and director himself.

Acting: 5/10 The acting in this movie is very spotty. Sometimes it seems like the newcomers to acting and stars of the movie, Andy Biersack and Ben Bruce are doing very well with their acting debut, and other times its painful to watch. This goes for the experienced actors of the film to, finger pointed straight at Malcolm McDowell. But, as said before, it's often hard to tell if the poor product on screen is the fault of an actor doing their job poorly, or if the script they were given was just god-awful.

Overall: 4.5/10 There's not a lot to like here unless you're a die-hard Andy Biersack, Black Veil Brides fangirl, or boy, and consider everything he touches to be descended straight from heaven. Anyone who considers himself a fan of quality films, or at least have one thing, one good aspect of a movie to praise after devoting almost two hours to it, should probably go look somewhere else.

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 1 / 10

Not what i was expecting..

A young rock band, half of its members from England and half from the U.S., drops out of college and moves to the Sunset Strip to chase their dreams. American Satan was overall promoted as a horror film from various pages on fb and to be honest for sometime i thought it was but after finishing it the end result was a generic film about sex, drugs, mad teenagers against the world and alot of music. The humor was painful (especially the scene in the hotel room) and the overall acting was bad in lots of ways especially some of the cameos from the experienced actors like Malcolm McDowell, Bill Duke, Mark Boone Junior and the worst of them all was Drake Bell. Also the film was bland and boring and even confusing at times with it's messages and it's plot and an overall mess of a film. (0/10)

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