American Satan


Drama / Music / Thriller

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Denise Richards as Kat Faust
Booboo Stewart as Vic Lakota
Malcolm McDowell as Mr. Capricorn
Patrick Muldoon as SS Singer
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Reviewed by thedxvilschosen 10 / 10

American Satan-

I Knew About this Movie since it was Announced, and I Immediately knew it was going to be something unique and amazing. See, I tried having a band way back when, and it was impossible, in a place dominated by a Rap- Centric culture, it really made me want to go back to those days. It is literally a story about "Selling Your Soul for Rock'n Roll." A common trope in many musical artists of the Rock Scene.

it's Satanic Imagery is used perfectly and a few touches with real world facts and knowledge, such as the Price of an Apple Computer and the Logo, it was such a great way to express just how Deep Conspiracies and The Devil Can go, if enough people believe in it.

Anyways, talking about the actual Movie, it DID have it's flaws, by these were so few compared to the Positive aspects, to Avoid Spoilers i won't go into details, but the allusions to "Faust" were great, an the wy they blended together the true FEELING of being an up and coming rock-star were perfect. 10/10

Reviewed by zeeorion 2 / 10


This movie was all over the place. I like Andy Black as a singer and I was dissapointed that he lip-synced another guys voice. The part where that woman brought VIP tickets for her daughter so she can lose her virginity to Johnny (Andy Black) was so fucked up, and Johnny even goes for it. He recently cheated on his girlfriend with his band mate which was unbelievable. This movie confused me and made me uncomfortable at times. The only good thing about this movie was the music and that's why it's a 2/10.

Reviewed by relax1977 4 / 10

Like watching a R-rated Chick Tract

OK so this won't apply to everyone but if you grew up in a certain kind of Evangelical Christianity - the type where every once in a while a "cool" speaker with a casual outfit and an allegedly dark past would come tell you about how Satan lurks in all the things you love - then this movie will seem weirdly familiar. From watching the trailer I expected a rock 'n roll horror movie, what I got was... something else entirely...

Firstly, this is not a horror movie, not even a little bit (there is some decent to good rock in it though). It's basically a sermon about the perils of moral Rock 'n Roll decadence, although much like most of those sermons it does a way better job of making sex, drugs & rock 'n roll seem awesome than in warning you against it.

I'm not using allusions to sermons lightly here. The movie both starts and ends with the same kind of out of context, industry insider quotes to make it seem like the devil is real, runs music and everyone involved knows it. Furthermore the movie has continual infodumps on the illuminati and how Satan supposedly controls everything from rock to hip-hop to Apple Computers. But unlike a sermon, there's not actually a point to any of this. Despite heavy handed character names like "Johnny FAUST", there never seem to be real stakes. Selling out to Satan is... sorta bad maybe? But maybe also no big deal? And maybe nothing matters?

I would say this is like a Chick Tract with more graphic nudity and drug use but honestly a Chick tract has way more punch to it!

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