American Psycho


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 67%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 85%
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Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman
Justin Theroux as Timothy Bryce
Jared Leto as Paul Allen
Reese Witherspoon as Evelyn Williams
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkmotive 3 / 10

A terrible movie with spectacular acting by Christian Bale

Let's start with the good since this movie has far little good to say about it.

Patrick Bateman is a big firm Wall Street guy who has his own personal assistant, lives in a luxury apartment in New York City, and hangs around the snobbiest douche bags you can imagine in the world of big financial firms. The typical cocaine and fancy restaurants crew who have tons of misogynistic bullshit to throw around and treat each other like some Harvard/Yale fraternity, which by no surprise, Bateman mentions he has an MBA from Harvard.

Christian Bale is a great actor.. His acting as Patrick Bateman, who we find pretty early on in the movie is a psychopath (Surprise, surprise!) with a fetish for killing hookers and prostitutes, is very believably and spot on. Kudos to him for his acting in this movie.

Now, let's talk the bad.

This movie has no plot, no real story, and no viable message at the end of it. Some bad sex scenes, a Jared Leto cameo (his part is very minute), a good amount of gore and an ending that is completely absurd, that spoiling it would actually be doing you a favor, as it might save you from watching this terrible movie sums up the entire movie, if you include the introduction I gave you about Patrick Bateman.

Now let's add a few more details because you're probably still curious enough to watch it.. In the firm he works for, people barely know Patrick Bateman. A few of his cohorts confuse him for other persons, calling him by the wrong name and the typical big firm kinda crap you see in movies. What makes Bateman different? He's OCD, obsessed with his image and taking care of his body and face (which they do just an okay job of showing with one scene), enjoys Phil Collins and likes to banter about seemingly irrelevant facts to make himself look like a pop culture connoisseur right before he murders his hooker victims.

Sadly, that last description probably makes you more interested in watching it than not.. Let me save you the time by letting you know that, they do not in any way shape or form portray why Mr. Bateman becomes the way he is.. He simply just "IS". this way in the movie.

If you really try to dig deep into this movie and try to shovel a message out of this pile of crap, you might be left with this: It seems the movie tries to suggest at the end that all the people around him in his career field are also pretty much psychopaths in their own way.. Snobby, fancy suit and designer wearing, cocaine and Chardonnay, obsessed with booking dinners at fancy restaurants, aroused by having the most fancy business card out of their colleagues (actually possibly the only interesting scene in this movie was the card scene), having apartments that overlay Central Park, and ragging each other about their Ivy league schools with a handful of homosexual jokes, almost oblivious to the world below them..But besides that, there's also a suggestion of no one really knowing who he is because he, himself, does not know who he is.. Even his lawyer at the end calls him by a different name, and doesn't realize he's Bateman.

But let's not get carried away, since the message is not clear and there is no plot to this movie. Nothing ever reaches a climax or height.. More like a rampant buildup, then a frenzy, before a dull haze and then boom it's over. This movie lacks anything clever or meaningful whatsoever. It's just a sex, blood, hooker movie with Christian Bale's great acting and amazingly impressive physique. More work went into that physique than went into any directing, production or writing of this movie, for sure.

VERDICT: If you value your time, skip this movie as there is only one or two scenes that are "good movie" material.. If that.

Reviewed by rawatankit-19088 10 / 10

One of the best movies of 2000

I have seen so many psychology movies that sometimes I don't even get confused,but this movie,starring bale is just purely gold.not just acting but the story is just too much take.must watch

Reviewed by balozoli 8 / 10


I was completely done after watching this movie. It's a masterpiece I really recommend to everybody.

Mary Harron absolutely made it to the top! Bret Easton Ellis self-titled book is amazing. Mary Harron and Guinevere Turner wrote a fantastic screenplay. And the music... songs are mind-blowing! Could John Cale choose better songs for this movie? But my absolute favourite..... CHRISTIAN BALE is absolutely amazing!! I think it is nearly the best... oh wait... it is his best performance ever! I just don't know... why did not this man get an Oscar for this unforgettable performance? And the worst part is... he was not even nominated! I can't see why, he was so amazing in this movie. After watching this movie, I can believe that Christian Bale is really a psychopath. The film is exciting, as bloody as it must, and very very thought-provoking. It is really worth watch, of for none others, for Bale's performance. But I would like to accentuate, this film is worth every minute, and it is perfect!

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