American Justice



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John Schneider as Sheriff Payden
James Russo as Agent Cobb
Vida Guerra as Officer Alexa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 8 / 10

You bleed a lot

Jack Justice (Tommy 'Tiny' Lister) is an LAPD police officer who is forced to take leave after he goes berserk over the guy who shot his partner. Jack happens by Red Mesa, Texas a town filled with dirty cops and a sheriff (John Schneider) who makes Sheriff Joe Arpaio look like sissy liberal vomit. While in town he witnesses police brutality and ends up getting involved in cleaning up the town of dishonest cops.

This movie is so bad I enjoyed it. The acting was crap. The plot was idiotic. The cops and dialogue were somewhat over-the-top which made me laugh, especially Lister as he delivers his tough guy lines. Some lines from the film:

Lister: "I'm good at killing." Lister: "I would like to file a complaint." Lister "I am Jaws." Lister "What is Barny Rubble's son's name? Sheriff "I want you to make smores." Lister: "I make problems disappear."

The film opens with a Miami Vice style sound track during a really bad looking chase scene. Eventually we shift to grindhouse style killings and some hand to hand fighting which needed work.

For fans of bad acting action films of Seagal and Austin, there is now Lister.

Guide: F-bomb. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by watchmanz-22199 1 / 10

Total garbage!

This has to be one of the worst movies I can recall watching. Poor acting, cliché script lines, and background music at complete odds with what was happening in the movie. The script is so predictable that there isn't a single moment of suspense. Even the lines delivered by the actors were poorly delivered and the scowls on the face were contrived. There have been other movies that follow this plot line and some were dramatic and exciting, but not this one. At no time was I ever "pulled into" the story and wishing for characters to succeed, or anything else. This looks like something a high school class drama class would put together, and I'm sure they wold do a better job. If you're after rubbish non-thinking garbage to watch then you may enjoy this, but if you're after a movie that is truly entertaining skip this movie altogether. Life is too short to have to suffer through this crap.

Reviewed by alexralston-37082 1 / 10

embarrassingly bad

Every cliché in the first 15 minutes just awful. Even a bad movie can be watchable if the characters are at least believable.the long haired ninja cop finished this piece of garbage for me.I have to blame the director I suppose.....the acting was straight out of B movie school....laughable. It's a shame really as the story line could have worked out and it could have been a reasonably good action type movie but alas too much wrong from the beginning.....back to school on this one folks......... Maybe on a cold rainy night with absolutely no choice, but there again...........maybe not..a good book and a large scotch would be better.

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