American Honey


Action / Adventure / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 74%
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Shia LaBeouf as Jake
Riley Keough as Krystal
Will Patton as Backseat
Arielle Holmes as Pagan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Batuhan Batuhan 1 / 10

Waste of everything

A very typical work of an absolutely talentless cinema/drama sophomore hipster who has no insight nor any idea about himself or life in general but wants to shoot movies. This movie doesn't say anything that no moron with a mediocre mind doesn't know since he or she was 10 years old. Such a waste of money for the producer company and a waste of time for the viewer. It was so bad, I feel like not seeing any films for some time. It is like food poisoning only worse because you can't throw up. Film poisoning. It's an insult to all the movies that has 7 and less rating on imdb. Google says comedy for this film. It's true. Not its genre but this movie and its rating on imdb is a joke. If your son or daughter decides to follow their passion or dreams of becoming something that they are absolutely talentless at make them sit and watch this movie for two and a half hours. Hopefully they will understand unlike the guy who decided to become a writer instead of anything else and made this film.

If you liked this movie please neglect everything I said. You're hopeless.

Reviewed by Moviecritic 1 / 10


Does everyone listen to the WORST music ever made, TRAP?

To like this film , you have to like what amounts to a bunch of unlikable LOSERS.

And you also have to believe ANYONE would open the door with these LOSERS.

And then you have to believe they would actually behave against their own self interest. They could barely get a job as a bag packer at the local market.

Just when you thought someone had some redeemable quality, it went out the window.

If anyone remember the film KIDS< this is pretty much just like it. No story, no likable characters. Just random scenes going nowhere.

I like realism, but there is such as realism being boring, which is why they invented scripts, and if you don't trust actors to be real, you are doing a piss poor job directing...

It went from bad to worse. So painful to watch...

Reviewed by powermandan 9 / 10

A Beautiful Existential Road Trip.

Teenager can't help but wonder: who are we? Where are we going? Why do we have to get there? Why me? What's the point? Many road movies in the past have felt with these questions and they've turned out better than this. Did you really expect this to be better than Stand By Me?

The centre of it all is Star. She's the less attractive version of Chloe-Grace Moretz. She lives in a dysfunctional family in Oklahoma and wants to get away from it all. The look that we get into her home life is brief, but enough for us to wish her hit the road. She sees a group of rebellious teens rip up a K-Mart and gets info about their next stops. The dude that charms her and informs her is Jake, played by Shia LaBeouf. He's cool, cocky, charming, and has a dumb ponytail. His crew sells magazines door-to-door. Since the internet steals business and there's a plethora of magazines at candy stores, the crew barely makes any money. Just enough for gas, food, and motels. Her first destination is Kansas City. After that, it's to wherever else.

American Honey is an episodic look at life on the road. At each town and each pitch, the viewer becomes fully invested. Will Star screw up? Will any of the crew members get in trouble? There's fun and heartbreak. She falls for Jake almost immediately. She loves his attitude and not taking any crap. She likes the other members and their wild nature, with the only exception being Krystal--the head of the operation. Star isn't cut out for being a door-to-door saleslady, going cross-country and encountering people from all walks of life is helping her grow into a mature woman.

American Honey takes a wonderful look at young lost souls. They're disconnected from society. These people are going nowhere. Their world is a minivan that travels from place to place. Along the way are beautiful shots and images of the good ole' US of A. There isn't much of a revelation and the ending is pretty open-ended, but that's not a takeaway from the experience we had with Star.

One of the best things about American Honey is its filmmaking. This is such an immersive film that makes the experience all-the-more special. The aspect ratio is a little odd for an American epic, but that adds to the intimacy and authenticity. There is lots of symbolic shots and motifs (such as a melting turkey) and the movie takes full advantage of the unspoken word. This is an art-house film, but that doesn't mean it is made any worse than something big-budgeted. In fact, this was one of the best created films this year.

This is a movie to see more than once. Get to know what kind of movie this is, and prepare yourself for the ride of your life.

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