American Honey


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Shia LaBeouf as Jake
Riley Keough as Krystal
Will Patton as Backseat
Arielle Holmes as Pagan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DiscoVinyl 9 / 10

Gritty, Compelling and Harsh

If you are a fan of Larry Clarks Kids then this is the film for you. It portrays a harsh reality that most people would rather not see. It's got that train wreck quality that won't let you turn away and at the same time has you horrified.

Sasha Lane as the protagonist Star gave a great performance. Her anger and sadness come to the surface even when she's silent. I've always liked Shia LaBeouf but I've usually felt like the films he's done don't interest me so I don't get to see his performances that much.

I realize that the film is long, but I think it's part of what makes this film special. It takes time to develop and meanders a bit in the process but again it's part of what makes the film seem so genuine. Though the premise of the story is a bit ridiculous in itself it's really just a vehicle to let us in on the behavior of these young people. What makes them tick. What kind of music they like. How they relate to each other.

Clearly this film isn't for everyone. You should have an idea what it is about before you partake in the investment of watching it. But if you are like me and enjoy the sociological aspect of feeling like you are eavesdropping on the life of these young people then it's a great film.

I'm not familiar with this director but now I'd like to see her other films. Hopefully her hand is on the pulse of a lot of different subsets of culture.

Reviewed by Harrison Tweed 2 / 10

I want my 2 hours and 43 minutes back!

What was the point of this film?

2 hours and 43 minutes of what... cramped van rides with degenerates and a bad iTunes playlist! Did the editing department forget to cut out the useless parts? No wait, then the film may only have been 30 minutes. But then again, I may have enjoyed those 30 minutes!

There is no building up to something... anything. There is no story here, no climax, no one to route for or against. Just a sad perspective of everyday reality that I can experience walking around the slums.

Shaky cam went out years ago. And what's with the idiotic 1980's tube-TV aspect ratio of 1.37:1?? I've seen better amateur video recordings on an iPhone along with the acceptable fit-in-my-TV- screen aspect ratio. It really was annoying.

Let's waste film on capturing flies on a car, for at least 10 seconds. Or peeing in a field. Or taking a bug out of a pool. Maybe there was a message, but I was struggling to keep my eyes open to notice it.

Sure, this was a very visual piece of work (hence my score of 2 instead of 1), but why did I have to suffer for all that time? The average National Geographic piece is only 60 minutes and does not cost 3.5 million to make! Seriously, where did all that budget go to? Not effects. Not cameras. Not sound/score. Not editing. Not vehicles. Not motels.

I am stunned by all the fake high ratings and praise for this film. Notice I did not once relate to it as a movie as it is not, it's a film, a video of someone with a cam that was bored and followed around a group of misfits around the country. That is all. Don't waste your time like I did.

Reviewed by simon-psykolog 8 / 10

Lost and found on the road to nowhere.

A young girl, named Star, with no economic abilities, bears the heavy responsibility of raising her two younger siblings.

Hungry after living the life of a teenager she gets attracted to a group of young people at a supermarket with high spirit and a bad attitude. She leaves her siblings behind and joins the group who lives from day to day selling magazines to whomever they meet. The common denominator is the selling of magazines. How to do it? How to manipulate the potential buyer with different kind of stories up the sleeve that is supposed to impose sympathy? As Oliver Twist is lured into Fagins lair and is taught to pick pockets without knowing what he is doing so is Star initially. At the point where she understands the rules and laws of the group, she is involved in such a way that she accepts the game and takes some very big risks and further compromises her own moral values.

The force of the movie is the depiction of the life on the road, the interaction between our marginalized young people and slowly getting to know our protagonist, who in the beginning is the silent observer and little by little starts to unfold her personality.

I can see that the movie is being criticized for being very long and not having a story that develops from a start- to an endpoint. I agree that some of the scenes are prolonged to a point that seems unnecessary. Besides this I think that this movie is a perfect example of how the truth often lies in the detail. This means that we need to dwell in some of the scenes and that the artistic challenge is to let this happen in a way that gets the audience involved.

Again I must express my deepest respect for director Andrea Arnold who has the rare ability to show a milieu in such a convincing way that it at certain points seems as if you are not watching a movie but instead a documentary but without loosing the storytelling.

Regards Simon

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