America: Imagine the World Without Her


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zzapas 3 / 10

A movie for a limited audience

A patriotic movie with nice cinematography and editing. Quite one sided and concentrates on only few facts through a dramatic delivery. After watching this feature I had a feeling I have just watched an infomercial. Unfortunately it is quite insulting to many people's intelligence.

Reviewed by cubsckc 10 / 10

Will Make you Love This Country

I was kind of on my feat about what I was going to see yesterday. The beginning of the movie really felt like some Liberal Agenda type movie because it was at first primarily focused on the people who dislike this country and their reasons. However, as the movie progressed we see how the movie goes to scholars and identifies the flaws that many of the leaders of these groups, as political and other organizations try to make the United States look like an evil empire.

Dinesh D'Souza goes in great and complete detail with historians who have published false work and who are also unqualified as historians. And yet, their work is forced to be read as curriculum in many schools. It will definitely shine a new light with the many people who are trying to make a legacy for themselves as an expense to the history and greatness of this country.

No matter your political affiliation unless you really like hating this country, you will really enjoy and feel good about it after this movie. There has been a lot of propaganda about the "Imperialism of the United States" and its evil around the world. This is probably the most worked on, informative, and honest documentary I have ever seen. If you want to prove it yourself, go to the back of the Theater with you smart phone and google all the facts that are presented in this movie. I had to watch the movie three times, and did not find any discrepancies. Some things that are identified is the myth of genocide of the Native Americans, the evil of Capitalism, the stealing of work and resources from other people, and the association of the false historians that have spread their propaganda with politicians and terrorist organizations. It is completely mind blowing when you actually have recordings of what people have said. I have truly never seen so many facts and information put into one film. There are people that sadly read this review and think, none of those pieces of information can be true, but I would beg you to open your mind and look at the facts one more time. These are the facts, presented by third person point of view from people from other countries. It also makes you question where you got your original facts from and their political and social affiliations.

All in all, probably one of the best documentaries of all time! You must watch this movie! I think that it actually reaffirms love for this country which is really important. It makes you ask if this country is really evil or it is a great leader for this world. I think anyone no matter their political affiliation wants to love this country and this movie presents itself as an opportunity to do so!

Reviewed by aficionadoKD 10 / 10


This film is a must watch for all lovers of truth. D'Souza masterfully debunks many classic lies about American history, and does so in an intelligent, methodical, and thoughtful way. The fact that he is an immigrant to America gives him, perhaps, a unique perspective that those of us born and raised Americans don't have. The film is educational, entertaining, visually stunning, and, at times, quite moving.

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