Alyce Kills


Action / Horror / Thriller

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James Duval as Vince
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Boloxxxi 5 / 10

The 3 faces of Alyce: Normal. Fearful. Crazy.

What is this movie about? It's about a chick who goes crazy. Or---who was not right in the head in the first place and circumstances pushed her over the edge.

The first part of the movie has Alyce and her best friend Carroll out on the street late at night. They're both drunk having a public heart-to-heart. Why? After meeting up with her boyfriend earlier at a bar, Carroll found out her boyfriend Vince is cheating on her. Later, they arrive at Alyce's place and consider making out (sorry guys, that went nowhere). Then Carroll suggest that they go out and get drugs. This they do. Later Carroll winds up in a hospital. All of this eats up about 20 mins of the movie. The next part is about how Alyce copes with her sense of guilt. She's a nervous wreck and seeing things. The movie seemed like a ghost story at this point to me. To help her cope, Alyce goes back to the same drug dealer she and Carroll went to earlier to buy drugs. Her behavior gets even weirder.

The movie is about a hour and a half. By the last half hour Alyce has totally flipped and the movie doesn't appear to be a ghost story anymore but about a psycho bitch. The ending is so over-the-top in terms of the story and violence, that it becomes a kind of "horror comedy" whereas earlier it seemed like a serious offbeat psychological thriller. Finally, all I can say about this movie is that it's a curious mix of style and content. Subject matter includes: drugs, drunkenness, masturbation, necrophilia, rough sex, butchery (only the last item was explicit). As far as the style goes, it seemed light at first (where's this thing going?), then serious (Damn!), then both light and serious (Huh?) Love, Boloxxi.

Reviewed by Poptart_Psycho 6 / 10

Alice In Psycholand

The people who rate this movie low don't really have the understanding of what the movie is about or what Jay Lee was trying to show. Alyce Kills shows the mental descent of a woman in her late 20s after a traumatic incident happened prompting the question...

Was she already mentally unstable and the event tipped her over or was she mentally okay but one night changed everything? Alyce is a late 20s something woman, she has a mundane job she hates and the only thing she looks forward to is spending time with her only friend Carroll, who jokingly refers to Alyce as 'single white female' material.

The Normal State.. At the beginning we see Alyces and Carrolls friendship in depth. After an awful day at work the girls decide on going to a club for the night. Whilst at the bar Carroll finds out her boyfriend has been cheating on her. Upset the couple leave and head back to Alyces flat where they indulge in drinking and drug taking. Carroll wants to go on the roof, after brief messing around Alyce accidentally knocks her off.. (she isn't dead) Mild Psychosis kicks in... At this point the movie starts to get darker alongside Alyces mental state. Consumed by guilt Alyce is having visions of Carroll attacking her vice versa and attacking herself. She goes to the drug dealer, even though armed with cash she performs sexual favours which highlights her mentality at this point. Believing the only way she can stop the visions she goes off to the hospital to kill Alyce...

Full Blown Psycho... Unaware of how bad she will become Alyce continues with life, after being sacked from her job, her drug taking doesn't get any worse though. A few darker scenes take place in this part including a necrophilia and war masturbation. Alyce is blind to see her thirst for blood has just begun.

The movie has similarities that Lewis Carrols Alice In Wonderland of the girls descent into darkness It may take slow to start but that's only to get a feel of the characters and the build up its a great watch and a must see worth More than the IMDb rating

Reviewed by Hannah Sutcliffe 9 / 10

A Twisted Must-See

I went into this movie with absolutely no expectations, so I ended up being very pleasantly surprised with the overall movie after I had watched it. Twisted, dark and gritty; Alyce tells the story of a young woman whose life takes a downwards spiral after her friend falls off the roof of her apartment and is left seriously injured. This movie only used blood and gore towards the end to create that kind of "shock factor" that horror fans just love. Apart from the last thirty minutes, the movie is mostly atmospheric and moody, which makes Alyce's descent into madness all the more terrifying. This is a must see for fans of the horror genre and anyone who is looking for a strange and original twist on Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland."

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