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John Goodman as Al Yackey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Franco Zefferer 7 / 10

Marg Helgenberger

After seeing a movie with Marg Helgenberger made in the 90's "Death Dreams" with Christopher Reeve, I felt the need to look for other Marg Helgenberger performances besides her famous turn in CSI - To my surprise, not many, except "Death Dreams" where she gives a performance that goes straight to something truly personal. She is amazing, amazing! That's how I got to Always. The only Spielberg film I hadn't seen. The film is a sort of remake of "A Guy Named Joe" charming with a lovely central performance by Holly Hunter but where is Marg? She's way back in the background. Beautiful and real but way too far away in the background. The most memorable memorable moment, at least for a film buff - is the last film appearance by Audrey Hepburn, as an angel.

Reviewed by muse9657 10 / 10

This film is an experience not to be missed.

Just watch OK. This film has some very funny moments and some dramatic moments. It is my favorite Dreyfuss performance. Holly Hunter is beautiful, the Platters music is awesome. Its like the movie Ghost yet better character developed. Then there is a gift to see Audrey Hepburn in a role later in life. Honestly I would have stopped on the first line but the site demanded five.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

He can't let her go

The MGM classic A Guy Named Joe gets a first class remake as Always in this film from Stephen Spielberg. The setting may have changed from World War II to fighting forest fires in Montana, but the love story has changed the same. Film buffs will recognize whole passages of Dalton Trumbo's dialog from the original film.

Daredevil pilot Richard Dreyfuss falls for novice pilot Holly Hunter as both work for John Goodman fighting forest fires during those World War II years before the American entry. She loves him dearly, but hates his recklessness when doing his job. Apparently Dreyfuss never learned the difference between being courageous and being foolhardy. Dreyfuss drives Goodman crazy as well. Right up to the point when his ship exploded fighting a nasty fire.

As a ghost Dreyfuss still has some human emotions left especially after another pilot played by Brad Johnson shows some interest in Hunter.

When you're Stephen Spielberg you command a budget the 1989 equivalent of the best that that Tiffany of studios MGM had in 1943. The results definitely show in both the romance and the special effects.

No one can equal Spencer Tracy, but Richard Dreyfuss manages his own interpretation of the lead quite well. Brad Johnson stands in for another Johnson named Van. John Goodman's part was played by Ward Bond in the original, Goodman infuses his role with a lot more humor.

I'm still scratching my head over the fact that Irving Berlin would not give Spielberg permission to use his song Always for a film entitled Always. In the original Irene Dunne sang Always so using Always as a title doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. Berlin up to the day he died counted every penny and made sure he was paid what he considered his due. As he lived to 101 he left as substantial an estate as he could amass. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes from Jerome Kern serves the same function in this film, appropriate for a film about fighting forest fires.

Playing the role of Dreyfuss's heavenly mentor played in the original by Barry Nelson is Audrey Hepburn in her farewell performance. She was only doing occasional film roles at that point, her time taken up mostly with taking over for Danny Kaye at UNICEF.

That final scene with Hunter and Dreyfuss in that forest fire is exciting and poignant. Won't leave a dry eye in the house.

Spielberg did a wonderful job updating and recreating a Hollywood classic. Wonder what Irene Dunne, Van Johnson, and Barry Nelson thought of it?

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