Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ncyrilprathik 9 / 10

to all the bad review writers

alvin and the chipmunks 3 rated a A- grade(second highest grade) in most of the rating. so if you don't like it then be silent, they are millions of people who enjoyed the movie and are even watching it now, so please don't come here and wast your time in writing bad reviews. even my 78- year old grand father(who dosen't have any interest in movies and songs) was exited and loved the songs of the movie, if you still do not believe me go to youtube and see the views of the chipmunks songs, they are millions who like the alvin and the chipmunk movies, so better keep your mouths. the movies has some best combinations- cute animation and real, romance and thrill and a very good combination of songs and good story and effects

Reviewed by twmusicislove 8 / 10

Definitely Chipwreaked

This is the third series to the Alvin and Chipmunks movies and mainly explore how the chipmunks reacted with they over boarded the ship due to another of Alvin's misbehavior. I have been reading a lot of reviews everywhere and mostly have a not so good ratings which I don't understand. Faults are objectives to one's opinion. It is a light-hearted family fun movie that I can see children and their parents watching together.

In the second movie, it can be seem with the arrival of the Chippettes that they admired the Chipmunks but not much was implied there. But this movie, it explores the romance with a pair which was definitely interesting to watch. Also the groups dynamics while stuck on the island with responsibilities and silly actions.

I quite enjoy the movie myself, it was entertaining and fun to watch and doesn't deserve severely bad ratings. Watch the trailer and decide on your own if you will be watching it. Don't let other people's opinion affect your opinions.

Reviewed by Eric Stevenson 3 / 10

Please end!

Looking back, I was never really a fan of "Alvin And The Chipmunks". It turns out their TV show was made none other than DHX Media, which until MLPFIM didn't have a cartoon that was really considered a classic. There's nothing wrong with it, there was just a lot of better stuff out there. The fact that they keep making these movies over and over and they keep getting worse is what really annoys me. The most fun thing about this was movie was learning how David Cross had so much fun mocking this (and the other films) so much. He's a funny guy and doesn't deserve to spend an entire movie in a pelican suit, or half a pelican suit I guess. It's still stupid.

This gets worse than the previous entries because it didn't even introduce any important element from Alvin and the Chipmunks. The previous two, while still bad, at least introduced the title characters and the Chipettes, respectively. This is all completely pointless and might have worked as like a really short film. It does nothing to add to the little mythology this franchise even has. Cross told people not to see it, but at least it wasn't as awful as "An Alsn Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn!" which I still consider one of the most unpleasant experiences in my entire life. The CGI isn't that good and everything is so predictable. When the stranded woman said there were others, I knew she'd be referring to inanimate objects. I knew Simon would save Janet in the end. Even at its fairly short length, it still seems needlessly padded. There's tons of pop culture songs. I guess it's justified given how they're singers in universe, but it's still a needless way to become relevant.

There's a scene at the end where Alvin flashes to signal a rescue helicopter. It then cuts to him at a concert. Then we see some credits and then it shows this pointless part on an airplane. When is this even taking place? Right between the concert? It's all a waste of time as most live-action adaptations. I heard this won the best movie at the Kid's Choice Awards. I guess it actually beat "Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 1"'s record for least critically acclaimed film to win movie of the year at any awards show (for them it was the MTV Movie Awards). Your kids deserve better and so do you. *1/2

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