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Denise Richards as Gretchen Blair
Dolph Lundgren as Matthew Sharpe
John Posey as Pilot
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dcal2722 1 / 10

Who is the hell is rating this crap a 6.1?

This was the most ridiculous load of crap I have seen in.... well EVER! I'm not going to warn about any "Spoilers" because this thing was totally rotten from the moment this load dropped off the radar and into a toilet near you. All I can say is that the people who actually gave this thing high ratings are either being paid or they saw a different film. I can say one more thing; Denise Richards as an FBI Agent is about as believable as Denise Richards at the controls of a Starship.... don't waste your time unless you are planning a flight in the near future and you want to be aware of something that wouldn't happen in a million years.

Reviewed by mismerize 1 / 10

don't waste your time watching. *spoilers* i dont see how anyone can give these movie over 2 stars

I wanted to watch this movie because i love Dolph but, um he is hardly in it and just makes a lot of facial expressions when he is. so uh, a group thugs/thieves hijack a plane because one of the partners in crime stole from them. lets see, could they of perhaps followed him from the plane and taken it. oh sorry logic. i don't understand why those type of masks the hired guns wore, served no purpose. and passengers jumping out of a moving plane over water, seriously. at that speed, they would be ripped apart. they did a lousy job of stunt woman and Denise. gosh i couldn't tell stunt or Denise. lol and the parachute scene, laughable. Denise Richards stellar acting (sarcasm), guess that's why she is only in b-movies eh so to sum it up, bad acting, stupid plot

Reviewed by hfast-91823 1 / 10

nauseatingly bad, yet somehow also annoying

But we do get to see denise richards almost execute a second facial expression besides the pout.. she almost did it, but it was as if there was something injected into her face that paralyzed her facial muscles. what could it be? she is SO brave to fight this horrible ailment. lmao

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