Altered Hours


Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hopeseekr 7 / 10

Amazing take on time travel!

I have -no- idea why this movie is ranked so poorly!

For low-budget Sci-Fi films, this is top tier and has an engaging storyline, likable characters I can relate with, and doesn't dumb things down too much.

It has great rewatchability. I wonder how all the nay-voters would rank Primer?? Especially the only other reviewer who said "the storyline is confusing." Um, this movie is **definitely** geared towards the genius spectrum.

Reviewed by temporalmonk 9 / 10

A must see work of art.

If the "grandfather paradox" is when you travel back in time to kill your grandfather and so erase the ancestral conditions for your own existence in order that you may escape to a transcendental limbo beyond temporality, Bruce Wemple's The Tomorrow Paradox is an ethical call to responsibility in the face of past mistakes and a return to the work of being in history. Struggling with a past that haunts him and a future that seems determined, Will Parker relentlessly fights for his own free will and redemption in this epic sci-fi journey. The Tomorrow Paradox is a fresh reinvigoration of the consciousness time travel narrative that is simultaneously gripping, psychologically horrific, and emotional. Its non-linear structure isn't so jumbled that viewers are left wondering which way is up, yet, at the same time, it leaves audiences anxious to re-watch the film in order to pick up on those subtle details overlooked during a first viewing. One of my top science fiction picks for the year and a truly raw and beautiful work of art by an upcoming craftsman in the field.

Reviewed by birdgerry 4 / 10


A really disappointing movie with a very confused storyline

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