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Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 1 / 10

What was that?

A rock musician enrolls in college after she breaks up with her boyfriend and her band falls apart. To be honest i think that Cobie Smulders is a pretty good and alright actress but 'Songbird' doesn't give her much to do other than acting weird and saying weird things too. It's literally 95 minutes of absolute nothing with badly written characters and a story, an awful dialogue setting and an even worse set of perfomances too. It's just a waste of time, money and a perfectly fine actress as well i mean she was pretty damn good in The Avengers movies? (0/10)

Reviewed by AMZCali 1 / 10

Don't waste your time

I could watch Cobie read poetry for hours but this film is a mess that looks like it was made by a first month film student. There is no charm, no really funny moments, just a really, really, really, really bad film. When I say that there's no chemistry between the leads, don't assume that there's some kind of plot. There is no plot. Literally, throughout the entire film, Cobie acts as if she high or drunk in EVERY scene. I mean drunk like when your friend gets drunk and thinks she's really funny until she sees video the next day of just how stupid she really was the night before. I have to assume that Cobie made this film because the director is a family member or someone she owed a really big favor to.

Reviewed by srjcochrane 2 / 10

Just a dumb movie

So hard to relate and therefore unable to say I actually enjoyed the movie. 2 minutes in I thought what the heck go and have a beer and a steak and enjoy the evening, but no I last the 95 minutes. Damn

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