Along Came Jones


Comedy / Romance / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 53%
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Gary Cooper as Melody Jones
Loretta Young as Cherry de Longpre
William Demarest as George Fury
Ray Teal as Kriendler
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 9 / 10

Playing the wrong melody

Poor Melody Jones, a simple soul, a good cowboy who has never really developed skill with firearms, gets himself mistaken for notorious western badman Monty Jarrad. Same general build, same initials and both are known to hang around with a cantankerous old timer. A recipe for trouble?

For Melody yes, but for the viewer it's a recipe for one of the best comic westerns ever made. Gary Cooper who produced as well as starred in this film, seems to be having a grand old time spoofing all the western heroes that people like he have played for years.

Quite a few stock western types are here. Loretta Young is the killer's girlfriend, a Calamity Jane type who's pretty accurate with a rifle fortunately. William Demarest is the cantankerous old timer sidekick, he could have had a great career portraying those had he stuck to westerns. And Dan Duryea is just fine as the real Monty Jarrad who's coming back to his hometown to get the loot he's stashed there.

Cooper as Melody gets in one fix after another at almost a dizzying pace. His final showdown with Dan Duryea must have influenced John Ford when he made The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. Though this is a comedy and Ford's film was deadly serious, the showdown between Cooper and Duryea is quite serious.

I'm also sure that Mel Brooks was influenced by Along Came Jones when he created his classic Blazing Saddles.

Thank you to director Stuart Heisler and writer Nunnally Johnson for creating a fabulously funny film.

Reviewed by David Spalding 10 / 10

A sly satire of the very genre in which it resides

Even fans of Gary Cooper may not see the artistry in his performance, but that's not what makes this film special. Nunnally Johnson's script is the thing, and it's a pretty lightweight thing, with subtle repetition, satire, and tongue firmly in cheek. Filmed like a western b-movie, played as a self-aware western b-movie, with all the cliches and set pieces intact, including indoor back projection riding scenes and more than one "stick 'em up" scenario. Your first tip-off should be the wanted poster for "Monte Jarrad, often in the company of Uncle Roscoe something." I can't imagine that Cooper and Demerest (as his sidekick) didn't have a grand time playing against the stereotype established by John Wayne and Walter Brennan. Don't take it seriously, just enjoy....

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 6 / 10

Entertaining Satire

After robbing a stagecoach, the gunman Monte Jarrad (Dan Duryea) is wounded and hunted with a one thousand-dollar reward. Meanwhile, the clumsy cowboy Melody Jones (Gary Cooper) and his old partner George Fury (William Demaresi) ride through the wrong road and reach Payneville. When the locals see the initials MJ on Melody's saddle and his appearance, he is mistaken by the dangerous criminal. Melody believes that the respectful behavior is because he is an unsmiling man. Melody is saved from a shot by Cherry de Longpre (Loretta Young), who is Monte's girlfriend, and they head to her ranch where the hideout of the wounded Monte is. Cherry plots a plan sending Melody with Monte's saddle to the North to lure the posse while Monte heads to South. But the naive cowboy is in love with Cherry and decides to return to the ranch instead against the will of his friend George.

"Along Came Jones" is an entertaining satire of western movie. The naive story is silly in many moments, but the sweet Loretta Young is wonderful, showing a magnificent chemistry with the hilarious Gary Cooper. Dan Duryea is the perfect villain in this enjoyable amusement. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Pistoleiro do Destino" ("Gunman of the Destiny")

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