All the Money in the World


Biography / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 78%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 71%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 30413


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Mark Wahlberg as Fletcher Chase
Michelle Williams as Gail Harris
Christopher Plummer as J. Paul Getty
Stacy Martin as Nancy Getty's Secretary
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pauletterich-la 3 / 10

Give Me Your Money

I was familiar with the entire saga and I was eager to see the Ridley Scott dramatization of the events. Now I saw it. A truly depressing movie experience by the director of the original Blade Runner (I'm not going to talk about the 2017 version) All by the numbers with a commercial eye that, I must say, is faltering big time. Did you see Scott's version of Robin Hood with Russell Crowe? No, here Scott attempts the conquering of box office grosses by a close up of J Paul Getty's ear as he's been mutilated. What a shame! Ridley Scott had the extraordinary Michelle Williams to play the mother and she is the one that makes it true even if the script doesn't provide her with well structured scenes and gives her Mark Whalberg to bounce of. He seems the hostage at times, delivering his lines without an ounce of real conviction. Charlie Plummer (oddly enough no relation to Christopher Plummer) is lovely and Christopher Plummer appears as a techno distraction but if they thought we were not going to be replacing Plummer for Spacey in our minds, all the time - aware of the performance as well as the technical wonder - they were wrong. As we left the theater that was the main topic of conversation. Plummer/Spacey. I'm afraid that greed played a part in this operation.

Reviewed by liufilms-yl 5 / 10

A drama without drama

This could have been a human drama of unbearable tension instead it's a movie manufactured with devious intentions. Devious in the real world, in movie making terms is totally accepted to do anything to lure people into the movie theaters. Probably their marketing people thought that a detailed slicing of an ear may do it. It made me so angry. No tension, no passion. The only reason to see the film is Michelle Williams. I didn't realized it was her until well into the movie, in fact until she has a scene with Mark Whalberg. She is real and truthful, when they stay with her everything works. Christopher Plummer plays the old mean billionaire to perfection but I must admit I thought of Kevin Spacey throughout. Everything is shot without real thought behind it. I liked the wind taking over the newspapers but the kidnappers remain a blurry mystery to me, who were they really? They looked like actors to me.

Reviewed by cristianocrivelli 4 / 10

Money Money Money

I remember the stories of Paul Getty with pay phones in his house for his guests. He was always a picture boy for the horrors of money. Nobody paid any attention to the horrors not the real ones anyway, just the exterior ones of opulence, meanness and greed. Everything for and because of money, everything. The kidnapping of young J Paul Getty caught the attention of the world then, the plight of his mother is the stuff great drama is made of and here Michelle Williams does wonders with her character. She is totally true, one hundred per cent of the time, but her director doesn't know how to capture it. The film is a rambling, repetitious, undramatic product by Ridley Scott. I didn't detect any real thought behind it. Just craftsmanship and that sometimes is enough, but not this time. I suppose money was also behind this enterprise. Even the stitching of Christopher Plummer in place of Kevin Spacey has a totally commercial connotation. Mark Whalberg? I like him but everyone laughed when he appeared on the screen. So completely out of place, specially when confronted by the powerful authenticity of the wonderful Michelle Williams. All in all a dispiriting affair in more ways than one.

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