All the King's Men


Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
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Kate Winslet as Anne Stanton
Mark Ruffalo as Adam Stanton
Jude Law as Jack Burden
Sean Penn as Willie Stark
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 2 / 10

Boring and forgettable

I've never seen the original 1949 film, so the 2006 remake of All the King's Men is my only reference for the story. And while I watched the film in its entirety, if pressed, I wouldn't be able to give you a very detailed plot synopsis. To be blunt, it's pretty boring, and none of the characters motivate you to pay close attention.

Sean Penn is an over-the-top Southern politician with dreams of grandeur. I've never found him to be very trustworthy in his roles anyway, so it's not a stretch to believe he manipulates and panders to his audiences and those in his close circle, while hiding his ulterior motives. In tow are journalist Jude Law, girlfriend Patricia Clarkson, and political crony James Gandolfini. James seemed to be on a constant verge of cracking up, Patricia seemed miscast, and Kate Winslet, who got on the promotional poster, has an infinitely smaller part than her counterparts. I don't know why she was cast either, since her role consisted of very little acting, except maybe she, her publicist, or the studio were drawn to cast her for one scene of partial nudity. The big scene in the film—Sean Penn is making a political speech and no one is listening to him, so he lays on the heavy religious rhetoric and shouts and gains everyone's attention and support—felt extremely forced and uncompelling. How can the audience get excited about Sean's big scene when it feels like it was the fortieth take and everyone was tired and knew what to expect? While James Horner's theme was supposed to sound ominous, all I heard were the similarities to Hans Zimmer's music in Green Card, which had an entirely different meaning. All the King's Men isn't a movie I wish I'd never seen, but it was very forgettable and hardly the money that went into it. A Face in the Crowd, a different story but with similar themes, is an infinitely superior film.

DLM warning: If you suffer from vertigo or dizzy spells, like my mom does, this movie might not be your friend. In the first and last scenes, the camera spins in a continuous circle, and it might make you sick. In other words, "Don't Look, Mom!"

Reviewed by wmschoell 3 / 10

Stick with the original

The 1949 version of this story may not have been a masterpiece, but it's certainly a better piece of film-making -- and much better acted -- than this disappointing, sloppy, and comparatively dull remake. Whether or not it's more or less faithful to the novel is besides the point -- this is a MOVIE and it should work as a movie. Penn borders on the grotesque, Law looks like he needs sleep, Clarkson will never win an Oscar for this as McCambridge did in the original because her role seems to have been left on the cutting room floor to make room for more Penn. Important scenes are just sloughed off in non-dramatic fashion so that it's almost like a parody at times. See the original!

Reviewed by backtraxmusic 5 / 10

Never Let the Truth Get In the Way of a Good Story

This movie saddens me. The cast is great, performances great, locations and camera work all great. There are multiple problems with the movie though. First, it misses the boat on it's subject. Gov. Huey P. Long was one of the most colorful political figures of any age. Sean Penn gives a great portrayal of Long (despite having his wardrobe all wrong) but the movie veers away from his story and concentrates too much on Jude Law's character. While Law's character is interesting, it feels like the movie is more about him than Long. Secondly, why take one of the most compelling true political stories of all time and turn it into a work of fiction? For instance, this movie has Long being shot in the state capitol on the day of his impeachment hearing. In reality, Long had already moved on to the Senate when he was shot down. All the right elements were in place here except an accurate story. It is a disgrace that this movie shares the same title as the superior 1949 movie with Broderick Crawford. Watch it instead.

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