All Is Lost


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Robert Redford as Our Man
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Reviewed by Pascal Charpentier 2 / 10


Let me get this straight. This is a movie about a guy on a boat, which gets hit by a container and has know a hole. In 2013 after a century of movie ideas someone actually gave that a green light? I am astonished. This seems like a plot for a short film 20 to 30 minutes for a film student. Watch Robert Redford doing exciting things like cooking, pumping and gluing for almost 2 hours. When the sea gets rough watch him in front of some really really awful green screen shots. And prepare to hear mind blowing sounds like rattling, squeaking and cracking. In all seriousness, this is just bad. "Cast away" did something very similar but they knew that you what need to have dialog and so they had Wilson the volleyball. I don't really want to say bad things about Redford because he did good movies and he is trying hard here too but I don't get much from him besides that this obviously exhausting for him, literally for Redford not only his character. Another thing that cast away did much better.

Reviewed by bernie-122 6 / 10

Not as bad as so many are saying

I had to come in here and throw in my 2 cents, after seeing some number of people who trashed this film for sailing ineptitude and bad decisions.

Firstly, if you want a movie for and about sailors, this isn't it. Sure, there are some embarrassing gaffes, and I guess Robert isn't a sailor, else he wouldn't have agreed to do some of them.

But we have these morons here shooting off their mouths when they couldn't even pay attention or watch the whole movie. Someone said he didn't take water on the raft with him. He did. Someone else said he took a hat with him but didn't wear it. He did. Someone else said the resin repair he did on the hole was terrible. It kept the water out, what more should it do?

Others have trashed Robert Redford for giving a lame performance. This is a mistake. the fault is in the direction. I saw the same failings in Margin Call. In my opinion, J.C. Chandor is an unfit filmmaker, and shouldn't be allowed to make any more. Pretty much everything wrong with this production should be dumped straight on him. Done well, this would have been a terrific film. As it is, it's just watchable.

Reviewed by lechvutz-59797 1 / 10

Boring in Fast Forward

I always liked Robert Redford (his art and integrity, not his politics), been watching him since we were both "kids." I first took notice of him in 1965 in 1965's "Inside Daisy Clover" with Natalie Wood. That was a dumb movie, but I had a crush on the young and beautiful Natalie and imagined in my youthful silliness that she would notice me someday after I risked my life to save her from a burning car wreck. So I watched that movie more times than I care to admit. As dumb as it was, in comparison "All Is Lost" sucks more wind than the sails on Redford's boat. Maybe it's my age! Why would an old fart want to watch another old fart fumble around for an hour and a half or two without any dialog (or monologue) in a sinking sailboat? Well, he wouldn't, so he he used modern technology (On Demand) to skip ahead after the first 15 minutes to reach the expected climax in record-breaking time. Props to the geniuses in Silicon Valley (although I don't agree with their politics either) for arming me with the ability to avoid wasting my time on this boring "adventure" and allowing me to use the time saved to write this boring review.

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