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Drama / Mystery / Romance

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Blake Lively as Gina
Jason Clarke as James
Wes Chatham as Daniel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nachoc137 8 / 10

Very good Movie!

I DO NOT understand the bad reviews of this movie... It is a very interesting story from the beginning to the final moment. The development of the character of Blake Lively is impressive. Have an open mind and you will enjoy very much this movie.

Reviewed by David Ferguson 5 / 10

not much to see here

Greetings again from the darkness. Director Marc Forster has crafted a career of making movies that are readily watchable, though for the most part, not especially memorable. These include: FINDING NEVERLAND, STRANGER THAN FICTION, QUANTUM OF SOLACE, WORLD WAR Z, and his best film, MONSTER'S BALL (2001). His latest falls short of those, but thanks to Blake Lively and some creative visuals, we remain interested enough.

This is Ms. Lively's follow up to last year's surprise summer hit THE SHALLOWS, her nearly one-woman sea-based spectacle. This time out she does an admirable job of carrying the film in spite of script flaws. It's co-written by Sean Conway and director Forster, and despite teasing some fascinating psychological aspects, we find ourselves constantly waiting for the movie to show us what we already know is about to happen. Predictability is rarely an asset for a film, and here it acts as a ball and chain to the pacing.

The first third of the film works to establish two things: what Gina's (Lively) daily life is like as a blind person, and the type of relationship she and her husband (Jason Clarke) have. We get an abundance of distorted light flashes to simulate what she has lived with since the car accident that took away her parents and her vision during childhood. Her marriage finds her very dependent on her husband and Clarke's character thrives on this … even giving brief glimpses of his demented personality that will eventually take over the film in the final act.

Gina's doctor (Danny Huston) performs a transplant which successfully restores her vision. The bulk of the story revolves around the changes that vision brings to her life and how the marriage begins disintegrating. The best message here is what happens to a relationship as the individuals change and evolve. Specifically in this case, the wife gains an entirely new perspective, while the husband longs for the days where she was dependent on him.

At times it feels as if director Forster is working hard to create the look and feel of an experimental movie, rather than focusing on the story. There are some interesting visuals provided by locations and camera angles, although the moody atmosphere never really clicks. Ms. Lively singing "Double Dutch" provides an ending that is both odd and mesmerizing in a strange way. We are reminded that evil and self-centeredness can take on many forms, though this film never quite packs the dramatic punch it should.

Reviewed by cristiandeiana 2 / 10

It's not really a thriller, so what's it supposed to be?

I feel like this had the potential to be a great thriller, but there's so many things that went wrong so sadly I can't say it is. The main problem is the pacing, there's just no build up of suspense for the majority of the movie, and so the final sequence of events happen so quickly so as to almost feel rushed. Also whereas the husband is clearly meant to be the antagonist in the story, and the wife is the heroine, there's just something that doesn't quite sit right with me about her, and I feel like both characters come off as quite unlikeable by the end. I mean I know it was really bad for him to change the eye drops, so sure I can accept him as the bad guy, he got it coming to him in the end. But as for the wife let's just put it this way, when she gets her vision back she becomes quite rude towards her husband, self centred, sleeps with another guy, then lies about it and even has a baby which she clearly tries to pass off as the husband's, and then pretends that she's still blind when she can actually see, and by the end after he kills himself and she has the baby it's like it was supposedly a good turn of events, like a sort of redemption. There's a feminist quality to the protagonist, and by regaining her sight it distills this power within her, and that by challenging her newfound self empowerment the husband became the villain. The funny thing is that I felt more sympathy for the husband for the most of the movie... hell maybe that's just me, but I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of people who like this movie are women, but either way it's just bad.

So to answer the initial question 'It's not really a thriller, so what's it supposed to be?', well it's kind of like a very average drama with unlikeable characters, really not a good combination. But if we could take away any real moral from the story it's that people can change, and not just from regaining eyesight, these things happen, and you just have to be careful about heavily investing your life into someone when they can completely change. And to realise when you are both no longer compatible for each other and when to walk away. Clearly this movie deals with this in a very negative way, and ultimately the ending was just downright depressing.

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