All Eyez on Me


Biography / Drama / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 16%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
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Lauren Cohan as Leila Steinberg
Danai Gurira as Afeni Shakur
Kat Graham as Jada Pinkett
Hill Harper as Interviewer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nikron Chemist Kushari 2 / 10

Like a mashup YouTube documentary

The hype about this movie was unreal. Things like "We will make Biigie's movie look like a cartoon" were flying around everywhere....

What a colossal disappointment. To have the life of such a person and character like Tupac and mess it up this bad, takes a special kind of bad. I thought that a small scale studio would have done a better job in exploring some unknown past but instead it focused on all the mainstream points of his life trying to shove a song anywhere they could.

The whole movie had zero flow, nothing seems to connect to the previous or future scene. It just feels like a mash-up documentary that someone made on Youtube and threw in a few Tupac songs.

The point of the movie was to make people discover and appreciate the personality, vision and spirit of Tupac. To show that he was a visionary and more than just another "rapper" from the block who cares about money, ice and women. Tupac was like shown as someone who is only hungry for glory and needs to settle some score instead of reaching out to people and connecting with them through music.

I can't really find one good thing about the movie except the Tupac's mom who only felt like a real person. The rest of the cast is flat out trash with no previous experience acting anywhere.

If you are a fan of Tupac, avoid this garbage at all costs...

Reviewed by realestate-45861 1 / 10

Missed the most important aspect of Tupac

This was the greatest blunder and disappointment in movie history. The director should be ashamed of himself!

I don't want to get into the specifics of why the movie was bad. Just know that the scenes were choppy and didn't flow together, the story line was off, and it was widely inaccurate. Notorious seemed like a hit movie compared to this.

One of the most saddest parts of this film, was the complete way they ignored his paranoid and prophetic part of Tupac. One of Tupac's defining traits toward the end of his life was his constant foreshadowing of his own death and his paranoia during his daily life. Songs like 'Only Fear of Death' and 'So Many Tears' are evident of this. He would rap about being reincarnated, coming back a ghost, and his funeral being empty. He would talk about being killed in his sleep and his complete distrust of all the people around him. This part was completely and utterly not discussed in this movie whatsoever and removes the most interesting part of Tupac out of the picture. That God inducing and and death side of him is what has immortalized him to this day to a prophetic level and it is not even mentioned in the movie.

This movie has completely failed and this needs to be done over in another movie or perhaps a series.

I would give it a one out of ten. Do not even go to the movies to support this motion picture.

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 1 / 10


Boring, Bland and with an actor who looks nothing like the rapper and even feels embarrased to be in the film itself, All Eyez on Me is an embarrasing, bland and above all terrible biopic. (0/10)

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