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Michael Biehn as Cpl. Dwayne Hicks
Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley
Bill Paxton as Pvt. Hudson
James Remar as Hicks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by WoBiE1 10 / 10

A milestone in movie making....

Just recently, I have purchased the new Alien Legacy box set on DVD, and each one is excellent. Aliens is the second chapter in the Alien saga and is probably the most remembered by today's generation. Let's face it; it changed the way sci-fi movies were made forever,and it hasn't been for the best(I'm not saying Aliens is a bad film). Aliens set such a high standard in action sci-fi(basically the new genre the James Cameron has created) that none of the copycats can compete. Take the recent movies Soldier and Event Horizon(both directed by Paul Anderson). They both try to be Alien movies but do not succeed. My advice to Mr. Anderson is to stop trying to copy what has already been done. Enough said.

As for Aliens, it is a perfect sci-fi action movie. Great casting(although ALL are stereotypes), great music(James Horner is the man), great use of technology and a well written script are all present. Weaver's performance is outstanding; one of the best action heroes of all time just happens to be a woman. If you have a chance to watch the director' cut of Aliens, I suggest you take it(it's available in the new Alien Legacy box set or alone on DVD and VHS as well as on laserdisc). It expands on Ripley's maternal persona which makes Weaver's performance all the better.

James Cameron came off making The Terminator and made Aliens. He used his expertise in the sci-fi genre and created an engrossing story that does not let up until the final reel of the film. For all the young folk out there that have not seen this film, watch it and see perfection in action movie making. A must see.

Reviewed by ivo-cobra8 10 / 10

A masterpiece - one of the best epic-action films of all time my personal favorite

Aliens (1986) is the best Epic Sci-Fi Classic Action Movie of all time and one of my personal favorite best action sci-fi flicks that I love to death. Just like I love The Terminator and T2, I love this movie to death. James Cameron's classic masterpiece. The now classic science fiction film was only the third feature directed by James Cameron (following Piranha Part Two, The Terminator). It is the sequel to the 1979 film Alien and Alien is a masterpiece I love that film, but I love this movie more sorry this is my personal opinion this is my movie. I am not saying it is better than the original movie but it is right up there with Alien a real classic.

Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), the sole survivor from the original "Alien", returns to Earth after drifting trough space in hyper sleep for 57 years. Although her story about the Alien encounter is met with skepticism, she agrees to accompany a team of high-tech marines back to LV-426 and this time it's war! It has great cast I love the marines fighting aliens in this movie. The movie stars: Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn, Carrie Henn, Paul Reiser, Lance Henriksen, Bill Paxton, William Hope, Jenette Goldstein, Al Matthews, Mark Rolston , Ricco Ross, Colette Hiller, Daniel Kash ,Cynthia Dale Scott and Tip Tipping and they are all believable enough.

I love the characters beside Ellen Ripley, Newt, Corporal Hicks, Bishop, Private Hudson, Private Vasquez, Sergeant Apone, Private Drake, Private Frost, Corporal Ferro, Private Spunkmeyer, Corporal Dietrich, Private Crowe I love those platoon of US Colonial Marines I know I haven't mentioned Burke because he was the bad guy and I don't like him. But most of the characters in this movie I love.

I know it is a sci-fi action film but it also does a have a horror mixed together people just don't see that. There's plenty of horror in it. The nightmare sequence in the beginning, the creepy atmosphere of the LV-426 colony, and the heart pounding face hugger on the loose scene in the medical bay. You see mother of those aliens who cocooned all the humans and killed them you see Ripley finding the nest and fight the Alien queen on the end. Ripley faces her fear and gets over her PTSD by going in by herself to rescue the Girl/Fight the Aliens/and Destroy the Entire Nest...Battles One on One with an Alien Queen and Whips its' Ass...and, by the end, now both her and Newt can dream without the worry of any more Nightmares (which plagued Ripley at the beginning of the film).

This is the finest action movie of all time. And, yet, believe it or not, it's not the action in the film itself that makes this be the case. This is especially odd in a movie with a $100 million budget (in 1986!), with multiple huge explosions, with thousands of bullets fired, and scores from James Horner of stuntmen used.

10/10 I have the Blu-ray disc which it also have a special edition version on it I used to had this film on DVD but I throw it away because I bought the Blu-ray which I am very happy about it. I love this film to death it is my personal favorite sci-fi action film even Lance Henriksen from Hard Target and The Terminator is in here and he is the good guy.

Reviewed by Paul Kydd 8 / 10

Aliens (Special Edition) **** (8/10)

Available on Blu-ray Disc (Region B)

USA 1986 English (Colour); Science Fiction/Horror/Action (Twentieth Century Fox/Brandywine); 154 minutes (18 certificate)

Crew includes: James Cameron (Director/Screenwriter, from Characters created by Dan O'Bannon, Ronald Shusett); Gale Anne Hurd (Producer); Gordon Carroll, David Giler, Walter Hill (Executive Producers); Adrian Biddle (Cinematographer); Peter Lamont (Production Designer); Ray Lovejoy (Editor); James Horner (Composer)

Cast includes: Sigourney Weaver (Ellen Ripley), Carrie Henn (Newt), Michael Biehn (Corporal Dwayne Hicks), Paul Reiser (Carter Burke), Lance Henriksen (Bishop), Bill Paxton (Private Hudson), William Hope (Lieutenant Gorman), Jenette Goldstein (Private Vasquez), Al Matthews (Sergeant Apone), Mark Rolston (Private Drake), Ricco Ross (Private Frost)

Academy Awards (2): Visual Effects (Stan Winston et al), Sound Effects Editing; Academy Award nominations (5): Actress (Weaver), Art Direction-Set Decoration, Film Editing, Original Score, Sound; BAFTA Award: Visual Effects (Winston et al); BAFTA nominations (3): Production Design, Makeup, Sound; Golden Globe nomination: Actress - Drama (Weaver)

"This time it's war."

The warrant officer who survived the carnage of years earlier (Weaver) is persuaded to return to the planet that spawned the creature, when contact is lost with colonists, as an advisor to a team of Colonial Marines equipped to wipe out any alien threat to human life.

Arguably surpassing its illustrious predecessor in crucial areas, ALIENS confirmed Cameron's growing reputation as a crack architect of high-tech, fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping action thrillers, from which there would be no respite once they got going.

Basically a Vietnam War movie in space, with awe-inspiring sets and exhilarating combat sequences, plus a greatly enhanced emotional core, as a young girl (Henn) becomes Weaver's surrogate daughter.

Blu-ray Extras: Original Version (137 minutes), Commentary, Documentaries, Featurette, Deleted/Extended Scenes, Interviews, Music-only Tracks, Treatment, Storyboards, Stills Galleries, Outtakes, Behind-the-Scenes Footage, Multi-Angle Sequence, Video Graphics, Main Title Designs, 3D Attraction Script, Production Notes, Parody, Trailers, TV Spot. ***** (10/10)

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