Alien Invasion: S.U.M.1


Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 8%
IMDb Rating 3.8 10 812


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Norman Reedus as K.E.R.4
Iwan Rheon as S.U.M.1
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rpdohmen 1 / 10


Not much else to say about it. A waste of your time.

Reviewed by Infiltration Bot 8 / 10


I think this is one of those movies that is good if you like the character / actor playing it. If you don't enjoy them after the first 5 mins, it won't work, and you can safely skip it.

Story-wise it is something that echoes other movies, the basic ingredients are quite similar. It is also obvious that they had a pretty tight budget, but the sets hold up well enough to not look cheap.

Since it lacks the elements that most people appreciate about other movies, mainly drama, social stuff, explosions, pointless sex scenes, cars, it will not appear to mainstream viewers.

The ending surprised me (in a positive sense), not what I was expecting.

Reviewed by Lugodoc 4 / 10

Too Many Loose Ends

Well acted, filmed and designed, this film has all the things it needs except one - a good script. The cheapest stage of any film is the script writing, because it takes place independently of all the others and only requires one person and a $300 laptop. That is the stage when the writer should have decided to work out for himself and then tell the audience the answers to questions like:

Why can't we kill giant crabs with tanks, drones and aerial gunships?

How did they travel through space to get here apparently naked?

Why does no-one have any drone footage of them? Who decided to call them The Nonesuch and why?

If they are real why are some survivors more scared of the army?

If V.A.X. 7 didn't kill himself why is there that blood stain on the wall?

When S.U.M. 1 saw V.A.X. 7 in the shadows he must have actually been there because he was recorded on video, which must mean that he'd broken into a maximum security military bunker without being caught by any of the cameras and then escaped again before the lights came back on, which is daft.

What were the toxic emissions, human or Nonesuch, and why didn't they kill S.U.M. 1?

Why call someone "S.U.M. 1" unless you want them to doubt their own sanity?

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