Alien: Covenant


Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 70%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 186885


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Michael Fassbender as David / Walter
James Franco as Branson
Noomi Rapace as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw
Guy Pearce as Peter Weyland
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stamatron 1 / 10

Maybe Mr. Ridley Scott wanted us to be kind to him?

Maybe we weren't too kind about Prometeus, maybe this is the world our "kindness" created... Maybe it's all our fault... A punishment in a way?

I went to the cinema to see Prometheus with my roommate back in the day. We didn't speak much after it. Without even a word we went to our separate rooms. I just crashed on my bed and wasn't able to fall asleep. My friend passed to get some water and asked me why I wasn't sleeping.

"Man... I just can't unsee it... It's so bad... Why? Wtf!?" - I was rambling, not moving my eyes from the ceiling.

"It will be alright dude... just let it be... don't think about it..." - he replied.

I gave Prometheus 4 stars... But this... WHAT THE F IS THIS? IT HURTS ME :( IT HAS SO MANY HOLES I JUST DON'T DARE GOING INTO THAT... I CAN'T... This is the new low... Good visuals, painfully stupid story...

It's like an expired swiss cheese....

Reviewed by saramgia 1 / 10

Better than Prometheus?

This ties "Prometheus" with "Alien," is better than Prometheus (such a low bar), and not as good as "Aliens". The story's problem now is it's based on an impossibly emotional, ego-driven, narcissistic, melodramatic robot. The psychopathic android introduced in Prometheus continues to carry another senseless, random story without motivation or purpose. The writers are attempting badly to pick up the android as antagonist angle that worked well in "Alien" and by extension "Aliens." The android in "Alien" was working toward a programmed assignment, which resulted in his acting against the humans' best interests. With "Prometheus" and "Covenant," it's now personal, which does not work. A robot is acting like my psycho ex-boyfriend. Sheesh.

Reviewed by Tony 2 / 10

Alien died a long time ago, nothing to see here, move along.

Alien would rate as one of my top ten films, bear in mind I have some Western, Mob, Comedy and other Sci-Fi in there. I watched Aliens and thought that was great, it took the story to a new level, brilliant sequel. Then came Alien 3 and you knew there's nothing new, its just a brand now, put it out with this name people will buy it. Watched Covenant hoping they'd resurrected the corpse, they buried it even deeper. If you've seen the first two Alien films you'll hate this, if you can actually start from this and be interested you'll be OK. Because you can work your way back to the originals and enjoy the best made with less money and CGI. They knew how to make movies in the old days :-)

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