Alexander the Great


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Christopher Lee as Nectenabus
Richard Burton as Alexander
Peter Cushing as General Memnon
Claire Bloom as Barsine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rdoyle29 6 / 10

A long slog through some good acting and little else

Richard Burton stars as Alexander in this epic Cinemascope biopic. The first half focuses on Alexander's relationship with his father Philip of Macedonia (an almost unrecognizable Fredric March) who conquered Greece, and the second on Alexander's conquering of the rest of the known world after his father's assassination. Burton is good, and it's a handsomely mounted production, but it ultimately feels like over 2 hours that leads not much of anywhere. The intriguing supporting cast includes Harry Andrews as the Persian King Darius, Stanley Baker, Peter Cushing and Peter Wyngarde.

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 1 / 10

The worst epic ever filmed

In the 1950s, it was a big craze in Hollywood to make biblical or otherwise ancient epics. You know the famous ones, and you have your favorites you watch every Easter. Chances are Alexander the Great is not one of them, and for good reason. It's terrible. It's as if Robert Rossen told his cast to overact during the dress rehearsal, and then he accidentally filmed it.

Richard Burton, donning a hilarious blond wig with poufy bangs, plays the title role. Fredric March and Claire Bloom play his parents, and each only wears one expression during their scenes. Claire's says, "I don't think that tuna sandwich agreed with me," and Freddy's says, "Did I walk on the wrong film set by mistake?" Alexander the Great is supposed to be a historical epic with lots of dramatic battle scenes, tension-filled romances, and family arguments. Every attempt is met with failure. Besides 1954's The Silver Chalice, I've never seen a worse ancient epic. You really don't want to watch this one, even if it's your favorite genre in the world. It's amazing Hollywood even tried to make another movie of that type after this disaster. It's amazing that Richard Burton had any form of career after 1956. But it's not amazing that every other movie in the world will look good by comparison. Or, in the words of my mom, "No wonder Ben-Hur was a big hit!"

Reviewed by Benedito Dias Rodrigues 7 / 10

Alexander of Mascedon.... SPAIN!!!

Was in 1978 or 1979 that l'd watched this picture for first time on TV once,now revisiting this Epic l was deeply disappointed,for economic reasons was shooting in Spain that actually there's nothing in common with Greece landscape or Persia...second the battles were not convincing at all,hard to watching such few fighting those great battles...anyway who save the movie is Fredric March as King Philip whom is pretty good acting as mad King and concentrating all power in your hands,instead Richard Burton wasn't a good enough to play Alexander,,,firstly according history Alexander was more strong and tall and Burton don't filled the role,but the movie is watchable for historic reasons only!!!

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