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Angelina Jolie as Olympias
Rosario Dawson as Roxane
Jared Leto as Hephaistion
Val Kilmer as Philip
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Reviewed by kirangnsh 1 / 10

Utterly preposterous movie on the greatest king

By Zeus, this movie is awful! The movie is not just scripted poorly, it is directed pathetically! Mr.Stone completely loses grip on story telling... and by at the end of the movie, is clueless about what he wanted to say.

What put me off was neither the director's *obsession* to prove Alexander's sexual orientation, nor the plethora of inaccuracies/biased opinions through out the movie. It was the complete lack of representing why Alexander was "Alexander The Great". I would have endured it better if it were a documentary, with its purposes stated upfront.

Great men are so few; and when somebody goes ahead and downplays such a great person with their frivolous 'research' and story writing, it is outright annoying. I strongly believe that our next generation should learn from the great souls of the past. And if a director, when has such an opportunity, makes a bum of himself/herself, it is very, very irritating.

I am from India, where Alexander appears in our history text books at various grades at school. The fervor that the name Alexander brought to me when I was in school, which is nearly forty years ago, is simply indescribable. We Asians love him, adore him. We call him Sikandar, and the word stands for 'the heroic', 'the majestic', 'the king'. Rather than making the movie focus on his greatness - valor, ambition, respect for a fellow human being, and ultimately success in so many aspects of life, the movie was made about the most unimportant aspects of his life.

And for the records, Alexander won against the Indian kings, the last one being Porus. Alexander gave back the kingdom to Porus, for the courage shown by him after Alexander captured and 'interrogated' him. After this last war, Alexander's army was tired, and did not want to take on the army of Magadha, and Alexander returned home. The movie from this point on, does not even deserve comments.

Alexander supposedly asked his hands to placed in display after his death, showing the people "the one who conquered the world, after death, left empty handed". Instead of the ending of the movie being something to that effect, it was the Ptolemy's soliloquy at the end, which was... AARGH! absolutely absurd.

Reviewed by Paul Kydd 7 / 10

Alexander ***½ (7/10)

Available on Blu-ray Disc (Region B)

France/UK/Netherlands/USA/Germany 2004 English (Colour); Action/Drama/War/Biopic/History/Romance/LGBTQ (Warner Bros./ Intermedia/IMF/Pathé Renn/Gordian/Great Filmproductie); 176 minutes (15 certificate)

Crew includes: Oliver Stone (Director); Oliver Stone, Christopher Kyle, Laeta Kalogridis (Screenwriters, adapting Book ALEXANDER THE GREAT by Robin Lane Fox (uncredited) *** [6/10]); Thomas Schühly, Jon Kilik, Iain Smith, Moritz Borman (Producers); Paul Rassam, Matthias Deyle (Executive Producers); Rodrigo Prieto (Cinematographer); Jan Roelfs (Production Designer); Tom Nordberg, Yann Hervé, Alex Marquez (Editors); Vangelis (Composer)

Cast includes: Colin Farrell (Alexander), Angelina Jolie (Olympias), Val Kilmer (Philip), Christopher Plummer (Aristotle), Jared Leto (Hephaistion), Rosario Dawson (Roxane), Anthony Hopkins (Old Ptolemy), Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Cassander), Brian Blessed (Wrestling Trainer), Tim Pigott-Smith (Omen Reader)

"Fortune favours the bold."

Forty years after dying in 323 BC, the extraordinary existence of an all-conquering Macedonian leader (Farrell) is recounted by an elderly pharaoh (Hopkins).

Unconvincing as a golden-haired 18-year-old, Farrell grows into the role, in Stone's long, ambitious epic, with occasional pompous dialogue and overacting, as befits such larger-than-life characters as Alexander's brutish, one-eyed father (Kilmer) and smothering, snake-charming mother (a scene-chewing Jolie).

Impressively for a mainstream film (a US flop that fared better in Europe and on home video), Alexander's conceivable bisexuality, while not tackled head-on, is neither sidelined, and despite taking a Persian wife (Dawson), the tenderest scenes are between a compassionate king and his trusted, boyhood friend (Leto).

Blu-ray Extras: Commentary, Featurettes, Trailers. *** (6/10)

Reviewed by loquepicaelgallo 1 / 10

A compilation of comments on which I agree and made me laugh

It's now almost 14 years ago since its release but while checking something else I stumbled on the only review the IMDB page shows on the main page which gives the flick 10 stars!!?? I'm not going to review or make comments on this ... movie?, (yes, I managed not to puke in the movie theater when I saw it) 'cause it's not worthy but if you're in the mood for a good laugh, here are some of the headlines that made me laugh too and I definitely concur with them. And believe me, 90% of them think this garbage masterpiece definitely sucks. Please let me know if I'm infringing any copyright.

  • The Queen Who Wanted To Be King
  • You've got to be kidding me...
  • Oh, Oliver, where did you go wrong?
  • An Insult to the Man
  • Half my brain died and can't read anymore.
  • Alexander was Great, but this movie wasn't
  • I want the three hours of my life back please.
  • Even Stone knew it was bad
  • I prayed for the end!
  • Oliver Stone should be imprisoned for creating this film...
  • This should not be considered film.
  • Recommended, for a very limited audience
  • Troy was disappointing, this was infuriating.
  • I didn't know the Greeks were all Irish
  • Do you know who was Alexander, cause Stone wasn't sure?
  • The film that will never end.
  • I want to see the reviewers that actually liked this movie
  • Movies can't get much worse than this film - unless they decide to make an Alexander II.
  • Molasses-drenched and truly annoying
  • Crap-tacular Flambe
  • This movie will make Alexander turn over in his grave!
  • Recommend this movie - to someone you hate
  • When did Mel Brooks change his name to Oliver Stone?
  • Eh...not good at all
  • Talk talk talk
  • Oliver Stone has finally "lost it..."
  • New way to Spell Awful
  • Poisoning the Legend
  • And you thought Hollywood quit making epic clunkers
  • Save Your Dinars
  • OK, are we talking about Alexander the Great here or a gigolo philosopher?
And those are not all. Now you have an idea of what was this movie?

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