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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Larry Silverstein 7 / 10

Fantasy Tale is Surprisingly Funny & Enjoyable

This is a fantasy tale so naturally some of the plot elements are just that--fantasy. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the humor and feel-good aspects of the movie, but it also can be a little too sugary sweet and predictable for my tastes.

Siena Agudong gives a most natural performance here as thirteen-year-old Reagan, who idolizes the soccer great Alex Morgan. When Reagan hits her head on a piece of furniture, one of Reagan's posters of Morgan comes to life and begins to mentor Reagan in her dreams of becoming a really good player. I might mention that Morgan is supremely gorgeous and a great athlete but her acting is a little stiff at this point.

Overall, if you take this movie, written and directed by Eric Champnella, for what it is, it can be funny and a feel-good flick that I would think the whole family could enjoy.

Reviewed by chibullon 9 / 10

for kids

This is a great kids movie not intended for adults but may enjoy it . I'm tired of vilent movies for kids that this is a graet movie for the familie. I't shows kids r o try hard and adults not to ignor and to be behind r hem 100%. I personatly prefer rhe Bad News Bears becouse it shows that you dont need to win to be aucsesfull.

Reviewed by nowego 6 / 10

Never give up on your Dreams

I think this movie is aimed at kids under 13, even though it has a story for everyone, most of the actors would not be classed as A list, but the enthusiasm of the younger actors is refreshing. They do a much better job than most of the adult actors.

Alex Morgan should stick to soccer, she is obviously a pretty good player.

Siena Agudong is very good throughout the movie and has a bright future.

James Moses Black overacts as the opposition coach and is obnoxious, but again he is supposed to be and does a pretty good job.

I stayed the distance and watched this all the way through, but it is definitely not aimed at adults and many would turn off very early on.

Most younger children would love it and some adults might, I found it good enough to watch once, but wouldn't watch it again.

A family movie with no violence or foul language.

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