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Tony Todd as Dr. Murphy
Maria Olsen as Aunt Margie / Ghost
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by djangozelf-12351 1 / 10

Partially copied from copycat.

A 90's movie with Sigourney Weaver with the same condition and also a thriller and that was a fairly good movie.

This is sad in comparison and has some annoying acting and a cast that don't feel comfortable with their roles.

The story goes all over the place and it's like they could not decide with which genre to go.

So it dumps some bad effects on you calling it a supernatural flick than it turns into a thriller when you find out her husband is cheating on her and wants to kill her.

The mixing of genres is not that easy and this is another example of a failed attempt.

It looked like they had some budget on this but somewhere with the script or the director and certainly the casting something went wrong.

Would be nice to see a project with the basic subject matter because done right it would still be something I would watch.

You can watch it if you want.

But...I don't recommend it.

A messy movie.

Reviewed by Platypuschow 5 / 10

Agoraphobia: Decent enough despite its flaws

Another movie by Lou Simon who at present time does not have the best record with me, her movies have been less than impressive.

Agoraphobia tells the story of a young woman suffering from *Drumroll* agoraphobia who moves into her newly inherited home but begins to question whether she's alone.

Starring Cassandra Scerbo who I will always just see as that girl from the Sharknado films who shows her cleavage a lot. Also we have the horror legend that is Tony Todd, though his presence is sadly minimal.

The majority of the film is highly generic and very uninteresting. It's not until the end when the film delivers a twist and steps up its game, but by that point it's a tad too late.

The finale saved Agoraphobia from sheer mediocrity and though it's still nothing special it's a harmless enough 84 minutes for fans of the genre.

The Good:

Tony Todd

Maria Olsen for the first time ever

Nice twist

The Bad:

Tony Todd felt wasted

Highly cliched for the most part

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Can we have a horror movie where the family doesn't have pets please? We all know how that works out

Reviewed by magdalenatrajkova 2 / 10

Don't waste your time watching this, learn from my mistakes.

Firstly we have our lovely, cardboard cutout characters whose motivations and ultimate goals are obvious and an undertone in every word they speak. All of the characters can be summed up in one sentence because they are so richly explored and developed. It's like the writers were thinking "Ah aren't we so clever, see what we did there, *nudge nudge*". No, guys. You're not. Tom is an asshole who doesn't want to help his struggling wife. Faye has agoraphobia and an underlying panic disorder. Nina doesn't like Faye and couldn't care less about her. Stephanie has that same description. Old lady actually listens to what Faye has to say. Ghost mom is a ghost and a mom and is protective. Doctor laughs at his patient. A psychiatrist laughs at his patient. Anyone see whats wrong with that? Yes? Thank you cause this movie certainly didn't. A professional would not act that way with a patient? What the hell? Elizabeth has dollar signs in her eyes from the moment she walks in.

The movie feels the need to water down and explain everything a million times, just in case we didn't get it. The mainstream audience couldn't possibly figure these things out on it's own. Oh no, we have to assume anyone watching needs to go trough the explanations a few times, for clarity's sake. I felt like i was being patronized while i was watching this. I felt like i was being made fun of. What is subtlety? What is an implication? What is good writing? How to make a twist work? This film certainly doesn't know.

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