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Maggie Grace as Christina
Hannah Ware as Tessa
Kevin Zegers as John Gullick
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Vassago® 6 / 10

A. Schwarzenegger will surprise you...

Not exactly the best film and the filmography surplus, but this film still manages to pull viewer into a story that is, simply put, sad. The sequence of events takes characters through many years of deep regrets and pain, showing us that one event can leave an indelible mark on us. Despair and pain can lead even most average person, who lives completely average and peaceful life, to become furious madman in the hunt for something that will never be.

This is far from Oscar material, but it is a certainly watchable movie, which, in some moments, makes you think "what would I do?".

Arnold S. showed his "emotional" side, which to be honest is very warm, paternal and sensual but at the same time ... Well, look at the film. It is not a waste of time, but do not expect too much

Reviewed by LorenBieg 5 / 10

Schwarzenegger has never been better, but the movie was eh

Aftermath was not what I expected at all. It's strongest moments were early as the story of the crash unfolded. It was terrifyingly mundane, just another work day for Jake in which a very understandably human mistake was made. Only, this mistake resulted in the collision of two passenger planes and unspeakable tragic loss of life. Arnold Schwarzenegger does a fantastic job portraying the strong, older man who loses his family and lacks the emotional equipment to process it. Scoot McNairy is perfectly cast and conveys the guilt and depression of Jake with heart wrenching power.

Unfortunately this story becomes less and less interesting as it progresses. perhaps that's a credit to the filmmakers for not adding dramatic power by adapting it too much. But, ultimately at the end I felt a sort of, "That's it...?" If you're a Schwarzenegger or McNairy fan, you might enjoy it. Otherwise, Aftermath fails to deliver.

Reviewed by edward-05254 3 / 10

Too little...too late.

I should say from the start that it was gratifying to watch the depth of Arnold's performance... he plumbed down deeper than I've ever seen him emotionally. That having been said, the plot was mediocre and virtually every character lacked credibility. I had a very difficult time believing that these people would behave this way under these circumstances especially at certain key points in the story. I felt like I was watching cartoon characters from a rather disappointing graphic novel.

If there was any takeaway, it came far too late in my tedious journey and seemed like an afterthought.

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