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Miranda Raison as Robyn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 1 / 10

Garbage, that's where that movie belongs.

I guess today was not my lucky day. First I watched Cube that scored great on here, and I gave it a three star rating because it was just not good. Wanting to see at least one good movie my second choice was AfterDeath. What a big mistake that was. It's just an awful movie. I couldn't wait for the end to come. The story-line is just ridiculous. You wonder who writes this kind of bull. I don't know how old the writer is but his mental age must not pass sixteen. And then you have the special effects. Some kind of black cloud going back and forth in a room. I honestly think nowadays any kid between six and fourteen can do a better job on their computer. It was really painful to watch. The cast was also not the greatest ever. The actors were mediocre at best. Just don't waste your precious time with this garbage.

Reviewed by Stevieboy666 3 / 10

Interesting idea but fails

Interesting idea about a group of 5 strangers (4 good looking girls & 1 lucky guy) who find themselves together in a strange cottage on a mysterious beach and turns out that they are all guilty of sin and are actually dead. Sadly, despite some decent acting, from about the half way point it goes rapidly down hill, becoming confusing & tedious. I just wanted it to end & be put out of my misery, rather like some of the characters in this British movie.

Reviewed by roshanin-81205 8 / 10

A logician's view on the afterlife

This has plenty of brain fodder if that's what you like.

This is not a run of the mill horror film. It's more of a psychological thriller set in what might be purgatory. Five young people are trapped in an inescapable desolate location and are forced to reflect on their lives.

They all try to work out why they've arrived in this horrible situation. Interesting character developments take place. The film challenges the viewer to consider whether he/she would end up in the same situation.

The last scene is particularly interesting because it takes a hard line logical treatment of what the afterlife should be. I imagine the conclusion might be annoying for those of some faiths.

I'd give the script a 10/10. Some slightly iffy acting and unnecessary poor special effects made me think 8/10 was appropriate.

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