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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brycewise 4 / 10

It could have been good, but it wasn't.

I wanted to like this movie, if for no other reason then I spent the better part of an hour and a half watching it. I wont give any thing away, but it had a intriguing premise, Five people in a sort of purgatory trying to figure out how the got there, a fairly spooky atmosphere, eternal night at a deserted beach house. but every time the story could have taken a turn and become compelling it was ruined with some form of cheesiness. All in all it wasn't terrible, but it was far from good. It was disappointing. so I guess if you have nothing better to do then give it a go. but if you are expecting a eye opening experience well this isn't it

Reviewed by MELlSANDRE 2 / 10


It may not be a kind thing to say, but around fifteen minutes into the movie my mind began to wander to what I was going to make for dinner, and whether the dogs needed a walk, did I empty the clothes-dryer linen trap, to eventually, writing a negative review about it because it was just so incredibly dumb and tedious!

I could have turned it off, but I kind of have a thing where I want to see where everything goes and how things end. So, with one eye on my phone and another on the screen, I continued to watch.

I have to admit that there is a point where it gets better, but the better part of it is short-lived. I won't say too much in order to not spoil it for others, but the acting was pretty okay, and the actors were nice to look at. There was a lot of what I thought was unnecessary sex (and no, I'm not a prude) but since the cast consisted of good-looking people, it fit, although you could tell it was unnecessary filler for lack of a strong enough story and good lines.

About 3/4s of the way through however, it began unraveling, and what could have been an okay movie turned back into the very dumb movie I had originally thought it to be.

The very weak point of the story is revealed and it shifts into eye-roll territory.

The ending, in my opinion, was just this side of terrible.

Save yourself the price of admission - this is definitely a movie that should be left for when it is on shelves or online - if at all.

Reviewed by deconvertedman 3 / 10

boom goes the afterlife - oh well god sucked anyway.

AfterDeath 2015 review/commentary spoilers abound - if you've seen it let me know your thoughts.

For thriller/supernatrual - it was.. eh. I wasn't scared, but - they didn't pull any of the cheep pop ups - mostly this movie shows a universe / world / afterlife where everyone goes to hell - because no one is good. the demon/devil smoke monster from lost is there and its sort of / kind of creepy but not really , its more of a force - it has lots of power - but its evil? I guess - it can send people to heaven but never did - but with one of the women controlling it, it does - then all of eternity stops existing - no more hell or heaven since if a sinner enters heaven the whole thing crumbles. BUT - at the end - its unclear if they won, or not.

Overall - the scare factor was just not there -the people are dead, and they can't die - but they can be hurt. They have no pulse or blood but they breath - the question of how the male can get it up is never answered - good question too that one. Huh. Is the demon letting him do that so the demon can feed of the sin of lust or something? Isn't the demon all powerful - but its not, since the woman and outside objects (from the real world) can stop/hurt it - and hey I guess you can take stuff with you as objects from "the real world" can come with you, but that makes more questions then it answers and the movie's logic really falls flat, again. The ghostly pushing from the outside "hell" is a neat effect, I guess it is mildly disturbing but -eh.

You get the sense that the lead woman had an abortion - but its never said - so.... okay? Like - the whole movie they have her seeing a crying baby. At the end semi-possessed by the demon/devil thing she holds her stomic - as if it is her baby. But... she doesn't say "I had an abortion, my baby would also be in hell -so yeah, sending the sinner to heven to destroy hell (and heven but no one is there) would make far more sense - but ... maybe it got left of on the cutting room floor or something.

However the lead woman says something that I thought was great - "If you see God, tell him to f--- off." ah, brilliant.

Right if a sinner gets to heaven, sees God - heaven's not going to be there long - because the whole afterlife is going to crumble - it would have been a great pay off to see a glimpse of heaven - all nice and prim and proper and some angelic face and then when the sinner shows up its face is like "OH SHI" face and snap booom.

So - on a scale of 0 to 10 I was 3 for creep out/scared (0 being not at all) I guess I would say its not a bad movie - its a logicaly flawed low budget try at something I hadn't seen before and I like the idea of ending the after life and that no one is saved - that the better way is no after life rather then one where everyone goes to hell - but I think I would have loved it even more had it been that the sinners find out that there are people in heaven - that they are going to hell , but figure out some way to sneak in/trick the demon/devil into sending them to heaven so they can destroy the after life since no afterlife is better then one where anyone - even one person goes to hell.

But - that is just me. If you want to kill some time I would say this is a good movie to do it with, it has some good ideas in it, some okay acting not great, not horrible , just - kind of a time killer movie. 

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