After the Dark


Action / Drama / Fantasy / History / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnkenerson 2 / 10

I haven't been this angry at a movie since Eyes Wide Shut!

I watched this movie based on the following, "Faced with an impending nuclear apocalypse, a group of twenty college students must determine which 10 of them would take shelter underground and reboot the human race. The decision quickly becomes deadly as each in the group turns against each other in a desperate fight for survival"... FALSE! Whoever wrote this synopsis for Amazon should be fired. This barely describes the story.

Now on to the problems with this movie: 1. The lead actress SUCKS! Her acting is horrendous, and it's a HUGE SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF for the audience to believe that this girl is the best student in the class... she can barely deliver her lines and her voice makes me want to jab an icepick in my ears.

2. I want to punch the writer/director right in the face because of this movie. It's supposed to be a movie about thought experiments, philosophy, etc. yet all of the characters in this movie are a bunch of idiots. Oh, and if you're expecting a cool twist of an ending, you won't get it. Whatever studio exec thought this would be a good film to finance should be fired.

3. Plot holes and logic failing abound. For instance, they are locked in the bunker and the only guy with the key is locked out and left to die... but inside the bunker are a STRUCTURAL ENGINEER, PHD IN CHEMISTRY, CARPENTER, ELECTRICIAN and a SOLDIER. So between these people, they could have made an explosive, wired it, found a weak point and detonated it. Or hacked the panel... And in one scenario, the idiot lead actress/best student in the class selects the absolute more worthless group of people to go in the bunker to REBOOT THE HUMAN RACE... She picks a wine genius because she packed a case of red and a case of white, an opera singer, a harp player, a gelato maker, a poet, etc. Proof positive that millenials are the most self-absorbed and idiot people on the planet. The HUMAN RACE IS ABOUT TO GO EXTINCT, but let's pack the bunker with wine and have a poem every night... and using tooling and supplies to build a harp?!?!? Are you kidding me?

4. This biggest plot hole of all... lessons learned in one thought experiment carry over into another... Wrong! That's not how they work. You can't learn something in one experiment and carry it over into another, it negates the purpose of the experiment. This is where the writer of the movie shows his contempt for the audience by thinking that they are completely stupid.

5. The "thought experiment within a thought experiment" in the third act, is literally retarded. The biggest dork in the group (who's sterile by the way) finds himself on an island with 6 women and is tasked with knocking them up. This is where the writer just gave up... this "experiment" was stupid, pointless and not funny. And he tries to give it some philosophical weight by having the kid say "in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king"... like these women are supposed to be grateful when he rubs his pathetic little pecker against them... oh, and at the end he brags about the size of his Johnson (basically this is just a teenager fantasy, not a thought experiment)

6. The lead actor/student, says his best quality, when asked, is that he's a pacifist. How is this a best quality in the event of an apocalypse? He's a pacifist organic farmer who's gay... so he can grow food... but will not fight someone who's going to take it, and doesn't want to reproduce (then tries to give this idea some weight by saying "evolution through non-reproduction"... that's not how evolution works)

7. Back to the lead actress picking the most worthless group of survivors, she picks a gay guy (who's a PHD in Chemistry but who likely won't reproduce) because he's virtuous and the world needs that... newsflash, virtue is not genetic! It's a learned behavior. She picks a fashion expert because if you dress well it raises self-esteem and raises productivity. In an apocalypse, clean socks and underwear would be a rare treasure, so how do you plan on dressing well? Is she gonna create "the apocalypse collection" out of dog-crap, animal bones and radioactive ash. Oh, and picks a dancing gelato maker, because he's gay and the gay chemistry guy needs someone to bugger. Her whole lack of logic on these choices made her deserve and instant F and nearly made me punch my TV.

I really can't say enough bad things about this movie. The writer/director is a complete idiot and failed miserably at whatever idea he was trying to convey. And an earlier reviewer said that "rarely is a movie made that it's meaning is so deep most people don't get it", that is a true statement... unfortunately, this is not that movie.

I only gave it 2 stars because the bunker design is really cool, and a couple of the supporting cast women are attractive. Otherwise this movie is a huge turd.

Reviewed by Ricky112101 7 / 10

Interesting film that makes you think

I don't understand all the negative reviews on this one. The idea behind it is spectacular to be honest. An entire movie based on a thought experiment. The movie centers around a group of students involved in a social thought experiment on surviving an atomic apocalypse. The effects are pretty mediocre, but that is due to a low budget, so that is not too big of a deal to me. Acting is not the best, but Sophie Lowe and James D'Arcy are quite good. In fact, Sophie Lowe carries the film. She is great.

Now, this film is probably not philosophically accurate, but frankly, I do not care. I liked it for what it was probably meant to be. A fun and quick sci-fi action movie. And again, Sophie Lowe was great. 7/10

Reviewed by Tweetienator 3 / 10

Pretentious BlaBla and, yes, more Blabla (Pretentious)

The idea sounded good and interesting but the execution and the plot are just plain terrible - intelligence isn't all that matters. That's more or less the outcome of this movie about "philosophy". Terrible nonsense and Kitsch, very slow paced and we watch some pretty Hollywood kids talking and talking - and yes, on top we get more talking. In the end, we know that the teacher had an affair with his A+ student. Sigh. But I got lucky, I didn't watch the movie in the cinema so I could use the fast forward button and saved some of my life time, that's what I call smart ;) If you wanna watch nice and clean looking people talking this is the movie for you.

Last note: I would prefer mankind cease to exist if the only alternative would be that the kind of ppl portrayed in the movie or the writers of this piece of "art" would carry on the flame of mankind - the IQ in the universe would get an immense boost. Attending this class I would also prefer a) getting the bunker all alone for me with a few good books and some good records or b) the merciful death by nuclear fire instead of being imprisoned ONE+ year with that kind of people, nuclear fire would be a fast and clean death, to kill my mind and soul being in a cage with those kinds of ppl would be too much of a torture (just imagine all that BLABLA 24/7!!!), well, in the end, I am just another mortal being.

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