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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10

It's found footage time again

AFFLICTED is a familiar found footage horror flick but one which holds your attention if you're in a forgiving mood. The narrative follows a couple of young guys around as they go on a world tour only to encounter a mysterious woman who brings darkness into their lives. What follows is extremely predictable and copies CHRONICLE here and there, but generally gets by thanks to a fast pace and lots of special effects done well on the low budget. The highlight are a couple of first-person POV action scenes which are really involving and get the blood flowing, so to speak.

Reviewed by thesar-2 5 / 10


Yes, Found Footage, FOUND Footage, FOUND FOOTAGE!

I repeat myself because I was duped into watching this and yet, it's never mentioned in the synopsis that this is found footage - my least favorite subgenre of films. Now, if I was told, I'd probably have avoided Afflicted, but to be honest, I'm glad I still watched it.

Well, I'd give that statement a 50/50. Half the time, they had good ideas, a new twist/spin on the horror monster and it's well acted with decent special effects. ANNND then there's the other half that glorifies the found footage tropes that never make sense and are FOUND everywhere else. Like some of what this is ripping off: Chronicle.

So two BFFs head off to basically backpack the world when no one wants them to go since one of them has a brain thing that might kill him. All-but immediately, the troubled half gets (roll credits!) and now they have to deal with his new "super powers" and problems that come associated with those abilities.

Since this is found footage - and boy, they grind that idea into the ground - and horror, the movie should've been best served as a much shorter clip in a future V/H/S sequel. Totally would've worked much better as one of those segments than an entire feature film.

That said, at least it picks up in the third act that almost makes me ask for more. I don't fault the filmmakers as they did make an actual feature with effective FX and the actors gave their all. Plus, it was a nice twist on the age-old story. Too bad the first half stood in their way and could've been easily condensed to make this the best V/H/S short of the installment.


Final thoughts: Another positive, the lead and his brother (I think that was his sibling, anyways. Can't get me to watch this again...) were cute. That's always a plus when watching a format (shaky cam/why am I always taking the camera with me?) I don't care for.

Reviewed by jessiewake 7 / 10

Found footage done right!

This is a story of a guy who has AVM and now he wants to have a trip of his life. He brings his friend and they travel the world recording their journey.

I was surprised that this wasn't one of those shaky cam movies, this is actually like a documentary and one done with love. It was done on a small budget and for that it deserves praise, because it really brings a little mystery to the whole affliction scenario. It wasn't anything like zombies which I am proud of. It was acted pretty well the shots are pretty steady and the action scenes are done well. It was refreshing, but it's not without it's flaws. The explanation for how the affliction carried over is vague, other characters besides the two main ones are not that good. Especially the one female character near the end. I was waiting for that moment for a while and it turned out flat. Maybe it was intended that way I don't know. The after credit scene was unnecessary and it begs more questions than answers going back to the transmission of this affliction as they call it. It was more interesting than I thought and it changes some things, but it can confuse some people if you delve deep into it. Overall it was a good movie 7/10

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