Adventures in Babysitting


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10

Don't mess with the babysitters

For its 100 made for TV movie the Disney Channel launched its publicity machine for about six weeks. I'm not sure there wasn't one person within the range of a Disney affiliate in the world that did not know that this remake of the 1987 brat pack comedy Adventures In Babysitting. Nothing beats the Disney publicity machine when they want to push one of their products.

Having said that this was an easy to take teen comedy with Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson as rival babysitters who lose one of their charges when she runs off to the big city alone, the big city here being where the film was shot Vancouver. Carpenter and Carson have to team up though they are poles apart in personality. Carpenter is most uptight, especially where heartthrob Kevin Quinn is concerned. Carson is a free spirit who seems to drift not knowing what she wants out of life.

Carpenter, Carson, and Quinn are Disney Channel regulars and young Max Lloyd-Jones who plays a most hunky police officer shows every signs of becoming a Magic Kingdom mainstay. The film borrows quite liberally from the Home Alone franchise where a bunch of McCauley Culkins outwit a pair of singularly inept crooks who want Carson's camera.

Nothing special here, but Adventures In Babysitting Redux is entertaining enough.

Reviewed by Reno Rangan 5 / 10

One night, two babysitters, five kids and various adventures!

Now its Maya's (Sabrina Carpenter) turn after Riley's (Rowan Blanchard) 'Invisible Sister'. I'm referring the two best friends from 'Girl Meets World'. This film saw a delayed release and initially it was said to be a sequel to the 80s film of the same name, but now it stated as an official remake. The basic theme was retained and the rest was modified to the present trend. They aimed for G and/or PG, not anything above that, so they had to give up those risky stuffs from the original, hence became a simple one night adventure.

The 100th film under the Disney channel's belt. I neither liked nor disliked it. It's a mixed feeling to me, but if you had loved the original film, which was for all ages, most certainly you won't enjoy this. This film is for those who had not seen the old version and it specially targeted for the little kids and tween audience. The main issue was the film characters doubled with the two babysitters and their two sets of children to be taken care, which means the adventures drastically shrunk.

There's no innovation and those altered scenes didn't do anything to lift the spirit of the narration. Especially the rap song was a disappointment compared to the 'Babysitting Blues' and also weak negative characters let the film down. But the display from the cast was amazing, if only they had refined story upto 60-70% new ideas, it had a good chance to impress the viewers. Overall, as a television film it did fared decently, but only when compared with the original, it goes stumbling.


Reviewed by Andrés Rubio 3 / 10

Not as fun as they intend to be

A typical remake nobody asked for, but in this case doubled up, because in order to make it different, we don't have one babysitter but two of them. But that doesn't mean the movie was going to be twice as funny, actually this version is half as funny as the 1987's Chris Columbus release (no wonder the original one has 77% in Rotten Tomatoes), but even letting aside the original, this is not as watchable as other Disney movies like Descendants or Cloud Nine. But the most awkward thing Disney did to promote this movie was to take poor Sofia Carson and make her wear an impressive one piece swimsuit showing the best legs in Disney Channel's history, when there was absolutely no reason for that. Let's face it: that's the only one good reason to watch this movie. But when Disney tried to recreate one of the highlights of the 1987's version, only achieved to stage the most shameful rap performance ever seen on TV ("We're not quitters / we're the babysitters"). For these reasons, I don't think this remake should have a positive review. But I would like to see more from Sofia in the future, maybe not in Disney but, you know, if have it show it.

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