Adult Beginners


Action / Comedy / Drama

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Rose Byrne as Justine
Jane Krakowski as Miss Jenn
Josh Charles as Phil
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sophie-17495 7 / 10

Nick Kroll is surprisingly sweet and sympathic

Jake (Nick Kroll) a guy who's been living the bachelor start up life but finds himself without money or friends after his tech investment start up project goes belly up. He goes back to his childhood home where his older sister, Justine (Rose Byrne), lives with her husband and 3 year old son. She's pregnant, trying to sell her house, discontent with her job, and isn't particularly happy to see her brother who only shows up when he needs something. Nevertheless, she lets him stay and he takes over as nanny to her 3 year old son.

This set up had some really good potential. It could have been a good story about a guy who finds himself at a loss without a job, living in his hometown, and not knowing what to do with his life but the movie falls flat at really exploring the themes it sets up. It splits its focus between Jake and his sister without really fleshing out either of them enough. Too many elements are introduced (learning to take care of his nephew, Justine's dissatisfaction with her job, the marriage issues, Justine feeling betrayed by her brother for not being around, Jake's lonliness) that it all gets lost. If the writers had focused on just one or two of these things, the movie would have been stronger.The ending is so rushed and the stakes so low, that I felt kind of cheated.

I also have to mention that I have a huge pet peeve about the fact that Justine was pregnant, but barely looked pregnant throughout the movie.

Kroll and Byrne do a good job with the script they are given which left me feeling again like this movie could have been so much better. I found Kroll amazingly likable and sweet and for me, that made this movie worth watching.

Reviewed by mihai_chindris 5 / 10

Broken brotherhood

Nothing is more important than the love that brothers share for each other, right? But when it comes to facing the truth, we learn from this movie that it is hard to hide it and to tell it, also. Whatever the result, one has to take it all and experience from mistakes. That's what we are dealing with right here. We have the "uncle", who's the dumb troublemaker and the sister, who's the victim and who has to play along two man, the brother and the husband. Unfortunately, unpredictable events happen and life seems almost ruined for the couple, but the brother has the knowledge from previous situations and knows to do the right thing. For a lovely story, we have a happy ending and a happy family. Well, that's it. I ain't got anything else to say :).

Reviewed by Phillim 10 / 10

Nice suburban people muddling through

I give everything a ten, because I can't figure the equation to score a film with a number. That said, every film has its league -- this one is in the minors, as it aims to be. Lifetime Channel stuff at heart, it has a fine cast doing very good work.

Comedian Nick Kroll wrote the story, and would have done better to let an actor play the lead. His comic timing is good, and his sad-sack persona is likable and generally works here, but is one-note. Actors know to avoid the mimetic fallacy: i.e., not to make the fundamental mistake of assuming a 'shallow' character has no depth. (This is an actor committing character suicide -- the blankness becomes a repetitive chore for an audience to suffer.)

There is very good, very honest work in this film from Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale. Excellent low-humor cameo by Bobby Moynihan. The little kid is great. Sufficient laughs in a not-bad script.

Listen, I admire that anybody gets a career in show business. This project looks to be mostly sincere and doesn't suck completely, and Kroll is funny in the TV 'Roasts', so, since it's free to do so, I give it a ten.

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