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Tom Sizemore as Col. Big Rich
Jacqui Holland as Penny
Mindy Robinson as Maggie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by staringdaveleos 10 / 10

Totally Original

It was very original. I liked all the trippy effects and lucid plot line. Lewis Smith and Tom Sizemore were awesome it was great seeing them work together.

I visiting my parents and my mom watched it with me! I said mom you sure you want to watch this it has a lot of blood? and she was like yeah it's good, she had a theory that it was about the government sucking the life out of people. I was like yeah you might be right.

Anyways, we enjoyed it. Trevor has great potential, can't wait to see the next one!

Reviewed by damienmerk 10 / 10

Great film

Excellent film! Very well written and thought out. It's in a class of its own, first of its kind, which is very refreshing when it comes to horror films It keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very last scene. I would highly recommend

Reviewed by temp123-1 7 / 10

instant cult

This took me by surprise and is an instant cult movie imho. everyone who's a fear and loathing afficonado will dig this for sure. on a side note, this has some dark and true implications, to be honest it's a theme which is quite ubiquitous, about ptsd and men returning from warzones into contemporary america. if you like this and know how to read (books that is, this cumbersome thing with paper and letters in it ;) ) i 'd like to recommend this to you: author>richard k. morgan title=>blackman(US),thriteen(UK) and altered carbon. good times.

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