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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rainey Dawn 8 / 10

Better Than I Expected It To Be

As others have mentioned, the story is a bit lacking - could have used a bit more "spice" but overall it's a good watch for someone like myself. I actually liked the film.

This is basic Knight, Sword, Shield and Fair Maiden film - a romance in the making when he (Tristan) sees her (Adormidera)for the first time. 5 men returning home from battle and now have to defend their homeland against an army - along with the woman they are compelled to help. Why are their soldiers after her? Who is she exactly?

There are a few good battle scenes along with love story... it just needs a bit tiny bit more zest to the story and it would have been superior - but the film is great as it is.


Reviewed by hond-92064 2 / 10

A very bad and clumsy movie

Bad acting, clumsy directing and thin story. If you are alone in Antarctica and you have not seen any movie for months and are bored out of your skull, try it. Otherwise just give it a pass. Not worth it. It starts off badly - trying to invoke the cheap emotion of characters being battle weary. Then it moves on to situations that tries to milk this further but only succeeds in falsifying it more. The acting above all is bad - to go with the clumsy directing. I knew it was not going to be a great movie but was in the mood for a old time swords and blood movie. This was not it. This was just bad. One can climb into it further, pointing out the unbelievable clothing and that it presents fat nonathletic looking characters doing heroic physical deeds, but it will be repeating the first line. Avoid it.

Reviewed by John F. Krotzer 1 / 10

Just awful!

I was excited to see this because I love this kind of period movie, but that fact of the matter is this movie was awful. So awful that I could not stop watching it to see how bad it could get. The acting was poor (for example, Lord William's reaction when his son was killed was about as overwhelming as my reaction when I find a brown spot on my banana).

The production was also poor, with the camera work all over the place and the sound inconsistent.

Finally, I think the script for this move needed a LOT of work. So much is undeveloped. You hardly learn anything about Adormidera, for example, and she is the title character!

Overall, the only use for this movie is if they ever bring Mystery Science Theater 3000 back.

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