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Naomi Watts as Lil
Ben Mendelsohn as Harold
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lsmlaw92 5 / 10


Yes, the acting was fne and the scenery was beautiful, but I think the story of 2 best friends, each sleeping with the others 20 year old son, is too much. Especially when the 4 of them hang out as couples like they were high-school sweethearts and there is no one else on the planet. My disdain for the movie is not about the fact older women are with younger men (bully for those ladies), it's the uncomfortable feeling of watching two mother's having sex with kids they've known since they were born. I don't see this as a love story, exept between the two lead female characters. Yes, one young man falls in love, but the Wright's character should have known better than to ever start up with him and I can't shake the feeling that these characters are all engaged in disdainful behavior. I didn't find the words spoken when Watts was pooring her broken heart out to be sympathetic....after all, she broke her promise not to screw Wright's son, and as a result, Wright lost her granddaugher....and Wright wasn't even mad. C'mon! I just find the whole thing left me with an icky feeling, and these are 2 of my favorite acttesses. I should probably read the book to find out the point of the movie, because I really don't get it.

Reviewed by espinosat3 3 / 10

Boring and Lacks Pizazz

While this movie takes on an uncommon and awkward issue of young adult male friends falling for each other's mothers, it should have been made more dramatic to stay interesting. Instead, it was very boring and very weak drama that it just drags along for nearly 2-hours. When 2 best friends since childhood decide to sleep with each other's mothers, one would expect more dramatic conflict and turmoil to result. Instead, it proceeds along a more boring path almost to an extent where the characters nearly accept it as normal.

Reviewed by bensonrt 5 / 10

Sad story of mothers "getting in the way"

Two great actresses... but are too prudish for the subject matter.

The attraction is never truly explained.

  • Romantic love.

  • Pure Sexual desire

  • Mid-life women need to be appreciated.

  • Women who just can't let go of their sons.

Beautifully shot, but still a sad story.

The Doris Lessing short story should have stayed a short story. Ten lines would be too long a review.

Ten lines would be too long a review. Ten lines would be too long a review Ten lines would be too long a review Ten lines would be too long a review Ten lines would be too long a review .

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