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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Gerald Dunham 1 / 10

What amazes me the most...

What amazes me the most about this film are the reviews that said words to the effect "I had to watch it again and again" etc. etc.

The ONLY spellbinding aspect of this movie that kept me mildly enthralled was wondering ...will this movie EVER get any better, or even have a real "point" that I can take away from this??? this movie a lead-up to a suspenseful climax??? Something that will make all this time I've spent watching it... worth while? Sadly, both answers were no.

I found the plot simply ludicrous and unbelievable on so many levels... this COULD not and WOULD not have EVER played out like this... in real life.

I virtually NEVER give a movie ONE star, but I've made the exception here.

Simply dreadful.

Reviewed by jpgougouh 1 / 10

The niqab women..... entering in the house of a single man? (really not accurate)

This movie is slow and boring but most of all it shows the "pink glasses" world view of a certain elite and the sheep that follow them in the name of humanism (Tolerate the intolerant is destroying tolerance)

* * spoiler * * (maybe) That full veiled woman is entering a house alone and there is a man inside , but this is completely not factual, a veiled being would never enter a house when a man alone is in there, she would not even talk to any man at all.. she is saying "peoples look at her in a bad way" ... in other words she is putting the blame on others, it's the other peoples that are under the veil, not her, if we follow her logic its the outside world that is closed to the world, not her.

That same woman says "it's the zionists the problem".. oh right? no. Because everybody knows Jerusalem is a Jewish city, build by the jews 3-4000 before the muslims went there, and this movie is trying to school us on what is wrong and what is right.

I disliked the topic of this movie, a lot.

Reviewed by Roedy Green 7 / 10


The movie opens with a pregnant woman deplaning in Israel. The customs man finds explosives hidden in her carry-on bag. Questions burble up. Did she know the explosives were there? What did the authorities do to her? What did they do to her husband who presumably planted the explosives? Why would her husband sacrifice her?

We find out nothing. The movie leaps forward in time about 15 years to meet the son wrestling with these events, living with his sister's brother who makes a living extorting people. We are told his parents were killed in a suicidal car crash.

Then we begin to wonder if the whole terrorism and car crash story were fiction. Which scenes are flashbacks and which fictional dramatisations?

A female character (Arsinee Khanjian) morphs twice into a completely different being. We don't notice at first. It is like the floor dropping out from under you, leaving you dizzy.

The dialogue is quite natural with a Canadian accent.

The late Maury Chaykin has a juicy cameo as a somewhat demented man who imagines he is the tragic victim of an airline bombing that never happened.

The film is made of little clips, shown in random chronological order. I don't see the point of being so deliberately confusing, other than perhaps to reveal a little bit about each incident at a time. It is actually annoying being so deliberately toyed with.

It is a bit like layer upon layer of watercolours. You are never sure you have a hold of the objective truth.

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