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Tilda Swinton as Valerie Thomas
Meryl Streep as Susan Orlean
Nicolas Cage as Charlie Kaufman / Donald Kaufman
Judy Greer as Alice the Waitress
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Reviewed by s k 2 / 10

Adapt, or die. I'd rather die.

I hate when reviewers post a review of a movie they didn't even finish watching. The thing is...I turned this thing off...literally...before Cage finished his opening mind twisting monologue! There's a saying in evolution: adapt, or die. I'd rather die than watch this ridiculous movie.

Reviewed by l_rawjalaurence 10 / 10

The Perfect Flower that Blooms Every Year

ADAPTATION is a delightful film that says a lot about nature and how human destiny is inexorably linked to it.

The action begins by running the credits across a blank screen, while Charlie Kaufman (Nicolas Cage) sums up his confused state of mind. This speech sums up the film's basic premise; to find a solution to our daily struggles, we should look into nature. The orchid is a perfect flower that blooms every year. And fulfills its appointed function in the universe. Wouldn't it be good if we could do the same?

The task isn't as easy as Charlie thinks. He finds a story centred on the flower' but has nothing to transform it into an effective screenplay. Eventually he teams up with brother Donald (also played by Cage) to produce something workable. What the film suggests is that we should look into ourselves and our relationship to nature to find inspiration, rather than relying on familiar cliches. The twins discover this through collaboration,

Charlie's story is contrasted with that of Susan Orlean (Meryl Streep)' who chases after orchid hunter John Laroche (Chris Cooper). This plot is not entirely optimistic, but she discovers there is a plausible alternative to "chasing the story" for those who want to look for lt. Orlean begins the film by writing faithfully in a notebook what the farmer says, but as the film unfolds she understands his desire to pursue orchids for the purpose of dissecting them so as to turn them into drugs. This drug is not a narcotic, but a means of aligning humanity with nature - it is only our puritan culture that stigmatizes this act. To watch Orlean wading through the undergrowth in search of the orchid is to watch a woman transformed by the desires of nature.

Eventually the film shows Charlie having resolved his mental problems, partly through reflection, and partly by the knowledge that there is a great deal more to the world than things, and that understanding its beauties is the first step towards changing one's lifestyle. He encounters Orlean briefly, but it is chiefly through her book that he comes to realize what he has hitherto been missing.

ADAPTATION is not an easy film to follow, but befits several viewings in order to understand its complex plot-structure and its oscillation over time between past and present.

Reviewed by sakram 7 / 10

Focus, 'cause treasures underlie dirt.

It doesn't have to be some action movie, some obvious drama, or some comedy to lead you into liking a movie. My friend told me, "Hey this is a good old, well it's underrated, please grab a sheet note and write down everything you notice, and focus.". And so I did, I noticed many, many things no one else without the slightest concentration would know. It really would seem pointless if you watch it mindlessly.

This is a movie for grown-ups, who will to give their all to understand such a genuine and original movie. Give it a try.


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