Across 110th Street


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
IMDb Rating 7 10 4136


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Burt Young as Lapides
Anthony Quinn as Capt. Mattelli
Yaphet Kotto as Lt. Pope
Antonio Fargas as Henry J. Jackson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Robert J. Maxwell 6 / 10

Interesting but Unpleasant.

A couple of fine actors here -- Anthony Quinn and Yaphet Koto. Anthony Franciosa is less spastic than usual. And the story itself, in which just about everyone in New York, including the African-Americans in Harlem and most of the police force supposedly arraigned against them, are crooked. Even the less admirable characters are given some humanity: Quinn is about to be sidelined on the NYPD because of his age, and one of the three blacks causing all the uproar and murder has epilepsy. Black against white, with crookedness cutting across the castes like overlapping Venn diagrams. It's pregnant with possibilities.

But, alas, it's undone by the direction, editing, and musical score. It's not worth going into in too much detail. The director, Shear, has overwhelmed the plot with crowded scenes and overlapping dialog, or else huge choker close ups of sweaty faces. Some important scenes are deleted. The film is overscored and the music is loud and distasteful. Suspenseful scenes are backed by rattling mariachis.

The story itself is good enough to overcome some of these weaknesses but on the whole the impression it makes is one of hasty shooting on the cheap.

Reviewed by alexanderdavies-99382 10 / 10

Violent, unrelenting and well made.

"Across 110th Street" is one of the best films of its kind. Its gritty realism via being dark, grim and brimming with tension, elevates the film to that of a classic. It is unlikely that "Across 110th Street" shall ever be seen in its full version in Britain, as the British Film Censors demanded that three minutes of excessive violence be removed before the film was granted a certificate and put out on release. Regardless, this film has the ability to shock as well as to enlighten (entertain perhaps isn't the right word). From the violent opening scene to the shattering climax, the pace hardly lets up. Anthony Quinn - a medium star back in his day - takes the lead as the dedicated but corrupt and racist cop. Yaphet Kotto is effective as the more liberal cop whose pairing with Quinn makes for decidedly uneasy working relations. There is nothing remotely pretentious about "Across 110th Street" because the film's content represents every day life in New York for some. There are two plots that become linked with each other but the story of the Mafia family who have $300,000 stolen from them, takes priority. The tension intensifies with each step that the Mafia takes in finding the small-time thieves responsible. The film quickly faded from view with regards to British video releases. Then 14 years ago, it suddenly appeared on DVD. A masterpiece of American cinema of the 1970s.

Reviewed by robert-macc 10 / 10

Excellent movie which shows the power of changing unfair ways

I completely disagree with the idea that Frank Mattelli -- played by Anthony Quinn - is a heartless monster who is bent on interrogating everyone with such brutality. In many ways Lt Pope, especially after the scene where he outright angrily tells Mattelli, "Alright captain go back to 1940," and shames him, Mattelli changes his ways. Even before then, he shows Mattelli respect as a lieutenant, and when someone offers him a chance to steal Pope's credit, Mattelli refuses and respect's Pope's operation. Later on, Mattelli does show a concern for black victims, completely unheard of by other white men in his department. Pope and Mattelli even go as far as to lie to a black mother and her child as to why a black victim died to protect his reputation. If Mattelli was such an asshole, would he have done that? This is more than just a movie about gangsters, it's about relationship where Mattelli gradually accepts Pope as an equal.

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