Ace Wonder: Message from a Dead Man


Adventure / Family / Mystery

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by daughterofzion31 10 / 10

Clean, Fun Family Film

Ace Wonder is a great movie for family night! This fun film has it all, action, humor, lovable characters, and a great mystery. This is one film you'll want to watch again and again with the whole family.

Ace Wonder is a boy detective, a Sherlock Holmes wannabe, but he has a hard time coming up with a "truly brilliant mystery." When his family's RV breaks down in a Podunk town, he stumbles upon a mystery involving messages from a dead man.

Derek is heartbroken upon his grandfathers death, regretful that he was unable to spend more time with him. When a mysterious message addressed to Derek appears at the funeral, he has to follow the clues. But it seems they all lead to only dead ends. What Derek needs is help, help from an expert detective. What he needs is Ace Wonder.

This is an adventure the whole family is sure to love. It's Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones wrapped up in a cute little kid.

Reviewed by nightowlsvideo 10 / 10

True detective

Every young and young at heart adventurer should see this film over and over again, Ace Wonder is on his way to becoming the next big Sherlock Holmes. This film has a Dove Foundation approval making it enjoyable for the entire family to watch, a plus for those of us who like good clean movies. This flick has every emotion one could have and a plot to keep you hanging on. Gator and Derek play great leads and hold the movie together. John Moore has proved once again what a great and wonderful talent he has, kudos John. Keep up the excellent work and we all look forward to your next big hit, hopefully we see more of the Great Detective - Ace Wonder.

Reviewed by ComicNerd 4 / 10

Could have been good movie with better acting

I found this movie on Netflix. It looked like it would be a fun family mystery. It wasn't a bad story but not a single person in the movie could act.

It's got a nice mystery, it's well shot, but the character of Ace Wonder was annoying and most of the actors were at about the level of bad community theatre.

I don't understand why every actor has the same name as in real life?

I realize the movie was intended for family audiences but there is no reason to accept such poor acting.

It's a shame it was a pretty well made movie otherwise. I do look forward to future Ace Wonder movies if the can improve the actors in them.

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