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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 8 / 10

Can you see me

Callie (Katie Parker) and Tricia (Courtney Bell) are sisters. Callie is a former drug addict who has traveled quite a bit. She can spout off about "dark matter" and "tangential universes." Tricia's husband Daniel(Morgan Peter Brown) has been missing for seven years. She is having him declared dead in absentia. She is also pregnant (do the math) and odds on favorite the kid will be as bald as Detective Mallory (Dave Levine) the man investigating the case.

Callie comes to visit her sister as the fateful day of declaring Daniel dead has arrived. She will help her sister move on. Callie likes to jog and when she does, she passes under a tunnel located under the highway. As she does, odd things start to happen. Like a good horror/mystery/thriller it starts out slow and builds up.

There are a few negatives on this film, first and foremost was the soundtrack. It was second tier all the way, especially during those sad scenes which ran way too long. There were a number of times I thought Courtney Bell forgot what role she was playing. And the third thing was the boom mike visible in the upper right hand corner in a midway scene that involves Callie walking into the bathroom. While the actual image on the DVD cover did not appear in this feature it was thematically correct.

Since the DVD box didn't say anything more about the plot, I won't spoil it because it is worth a view. If you enjoy odd missing persons films, you might like, "Yellow Brick Road" which I though was superior to this story.

F-bombs, no sex or nudity.

Reviewed by no-lolita-683-244070 8 / 10

Really Creepy!

Absentia was a big surprise, actually one of the better horror movies I've seen in a while. Not a typical creature feature, perhaps more of a psychological thriller... you really don't get introduced to what is hiding in the dark, only given just enough of a suggestion to make your hair stand on end and get that imagination working overtime. The story is intriguing, and suspenseful at all the right moments, and the ending was perfect! Great acting, decent script, plausible characters. I will watch this one again some time.

Reviewed by Moviefreak 6 / 10

Shaky Camera Syndrome with Too Long Scenes

This movie could have been better in a lot of ways. The camera was shaking whole time, cinematography was not well done, it seemed amateur. Most of the scenes were unnecessarily long and that made the movie boring. Although acting part was quite good, the soundtrack was dull and repetitive. There could be one more soundtrack.

Other than those issues, movie was quite enjoyable. The story line is well documented. The movie lets the audience the mystery and the other life to imagine, it does not solve it. It rather claims that anything, any occurrence can be perceived and interpreted differently. I liked that it left some part of the story to my imagination. Another thing that is good about this movie is it is a good psychological thriller. It depicts well how fears disturb humans, and how people get stuck and isolated in their fears.

P.S.: There is not gore but there are jump scares. :)

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