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Lin Shaye as Allie
Joe Anderson as Grady
Michael Paré as Richard Renshaw
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by destinylives52 7 / 10

Original Story, Mediocre Execution

A low budget horror flick, "Abattoir" is about a strange, old man (played by Dayton Callie) who buys houses where brutal crimes have happened. The rooms where the crimes occurred are removed, and the house is put on sale again at a loss. One such house belonged to slain relatives of a reporter (played by Jessica Lowndes). Finding it extremely strange that the house would be sold within a week of the crime, plus the crime scene was gutted out of the house, Lowndes starts an investigation that will lead her to Callie and a creepy town where evil secrets are tied with Lowndes' past.

My most memorable, movie moment is the scene when Callie shows off his Abattoir to Lowndes, revealing all the horrors within. This is where the movie really shines, showing the audience dozens of murder rooms and seeing the ghosts within go through an endless loop of suffering and dying.

Unfortunately, "Abattoir" suffers from many shenanigans that ruined a very good, original idea. How did the cop/ex-boyfriend know exactly what house Lowndes was in when she went to the creepy town? Despite being way in over their heads and warned repeatedly to leave and never come back, Lowndes and ex come back immediately instead of leaving and coming back with a larger force of cops, or at least more guns. **SPOILER ALERT** How stupid and desperate and retarded were the people of the creepy town to have followed Callie and sacrificed so much for a better life?**And why would the police allow a crime scene to be gutted out of the house within days of the crime?

But for Callie's good performance and the originality of the plot, "Abattoir" would have plunged into a much lower grade. For horror fans, there is enough here to warrant at least one viewing…just don't expect too much.


Reviewed by Michael Ledo 6 / 10

House of a thousand tragedies

Julia (Jessica Lowndes) is a real estate reporter who wants to be a crime reporter, but is not allowed because she has pretty skin and no scars. Her boyfriend is Grady (Joe Anderson) a gumshoe who opens up imitating Sam Spade, which apparently was an act as it discontinues. When Julia's sister Amanda (Jackie Tuttle) is brutally murdered, the house is sold in less than a week and the the murder scene room is ripped out. Her investigation leads her to the small town of New English where she was originally from before her and her sister were adopted. Here she meets the town's strange residents and works to unlock its secrets...given away in the one line description of the film.

The film is a mystery and a slow burn. We see enough of throw backs Grady and Julia but they never managed a good character building scene to make us connect with them. They were an item at one time and then split. We are spared the details. The twist ending I didn't see coming, although the unique subject matter made that difficult as there was no formula to follow. Kudos on the plot. The execution could have been better. I also couldn't get into the character of Jebediah Crone (Dayton Callie) who needed something like a scar or a hook and some lines.

Abattoir is a slaughterhouse, something I didn't know. I love to have to look up titles.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity. Killing is mostly done off scene, except for a few scenes.

Reviewed by Saiph90 4 / 10

Style over substance

Some interesting concepts, make the female character dress in 50's style drive a 50's car but have a smartphone on her dashboard, make the dialogue clipped 50's detective in delivery. The story should be good a demonic man collecting the rooms where horrific murders took place and assemble them in the town of New English as a portal to hell. We have a lot of ingredients to make a great film, unfortunately it fails, the plot is overly confusing, the dialogue is awful, there is absolutely no chemistry between the two lead characters and the end is depressingly predictable. I have given a 4 for the concept and at times the cinematography is excellent, shame this is really style over substance.

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