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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackson Booth-Millard 1 / 10


Steve Oram made his big screen writing debut with the fantastic Sightseers, I read about this film when it was being broadcast on television, it sounded like an interesting concept, but it was rated the lowest of the low by critics, but I still went ahead and watched it. Basically it is set in a parallel universe, all modern day inventions exist, i.e. clothing, buildings, technology, transport, etc, but humans have not developed the ability of speech, and behave like primitive apes. It is a series of unrelated storylines, with a family and some outside people, and their interactions with each other. This can be anything from simple domestic situations, doing every day things including eating dinner, shopping and much more, then there is of course the underdeveloped, unevolved animal-like behaviour, from urinating and masturbating in public, not wearing clothing properly, not preparing food in a normal way, and a lot of sexual activity, from intercourse and foreplay in various places, and even animalistic sexual harassment. Starring Mindhorn's Julian Barratt as Jupiter, Holli Dempsey as Helen, Noel Fielding as Carl, Lucy Honigman as Denise, Shelley Longworth as Carolla, Alice Lowe as Sitcom Eudora, Tom Meeten as Keith, The Mimic's Terry Mynott as Radio DJ, Bo! in the USA's Barunka O'Shaughnessy as Party guest, Steve Oram as Smith, Sean Reynard as Og, Green Wing's Julian Rhind-Tutt as Ryan, Tony Way as Sitcom Lee and Toyah Willcox as Barabara. The biggest problem is that it is full of offensive and disgusting moments, these include a man urinating and the other man drying his penis, a woman giving a blowjob and then biting off his penis, and a drunken party with one man resting hill testicles on another's head. It could have been an interesting and indeed scary idea, a world with everything we know, but no words, there is not much of a plot, everyone communicates with a series of grunts and indistinct noises, and there is a sort of fight for supremacy thing going on, but it is such a shame to see talented people wasting their time, it is just a gross, unfunny and unwatchable horror comedy. Poor!

Reviewed by Foreverisacastironmess 1 / 10

One of the very worst pieces of garbage that I ever had the misfortune to suffer through, it isn't fit to even be called a f***ing film.

Urgh, this thing, about god knows what, was simply horrendous. It was like watching a group of imbeciles who had all snorted copious amounts of coke and had begun to mime out vague scenarios just as it was kicking in! There was just not one redeeming quality, it was never anything but annoying and boring, there's nothing here! They just screamed at you, it was disgusting, and the sheer idiocy of its concept rapidly p*ssed me off within the first five minutes. I knew I was in trouble as soon as I realised there was no dialogue whatsoever, and that I'd have to listen to that mindless twaddle for the entire duration. Was it intended as a joke? I mean why would they do this? Who looked at this canker sore when it had wrapped and went "Ok, let's put this on TV, for millions of people to watch." Shame on you! I'm disheartened at the thought that there will actually be those 'auteurs' out there who will convince themselves that they'd enjoyed this and that it was in any way shape or form good, just because it was so ~original~, which apparently alone counts for so very much in the movies these days.. Who cares about story when we got originality on our hands, this 'movie' sure didn't! In what world could anyone seriously get anything out of this except for maybe a bad headache? I can occasionally enjoy bad movies and I had no expectations one way or the other when I decided to watch this, but it was way outside my tolerance level of s*it in a movie, at least B-movies can make you laugh. This was no film, it was a tedious comedy sketch stretched out to the point of absurdity. I could perceive no progression from the first minute to the first hour, it was just sequences of idiots screaming and yelling leading into additional scenes of screaming idiots, and then it ended! I did force myself to sit and watch it all because I was determined that such a gruelling monstrosity of a watch wasn't going to get the best of me, and I suppose it was kind of mesmerising in the way that a car wreck is, I could not help but keep staring agog just to see if it was actually going somewhere, and it never did.. Well knowing is half the battle(!) Many shoestring budget movies are very good, but there was no real effort put into this one. It's like they thought the concept of modern humans acting like Neanderthals could carry it, but however you look at it, that concept was horribly executed, as they're in a modern city surrounded by modern technology, so why would they be acting like apes? Not for me thanks, I would never consider myself any kind of expert when it comes to movies but I do know that I prefer them with acting, and a semblance of thematic structure, and not a bad interpretive stage play that I will never watch again ever. "Aah" indeed... Beware!

Reviewed by info-36545 8 / 10


An excellent portrayal of the inner human. Of course it doesn't make sense, it's surrealism. Not enough film makers are bold enough to make stuff this loose. If you get David Lynch, you'll probably get this. I would have liked the actors to make a bit more effort with the grunting. Often, it was too close to words (Toyah was particularly bad). The music is stunning. Very Fripp. Lovely little cameo from the instantly recognisable Alice Lowe.

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