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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ayanpal1 8 / 10

Heartwarming, Heartthrobbing, Heartbreaking

"Ek Villain" is a film that made me squirm, smile, as well as cry. Most Bollywood films, to borrow a line from the film, have a hero, a heroine, and a villain. This film however is an exception since the love story is of the villain himself.

When a girl with a bucket list is on the threshold of fulfilling her last wish - of saving the life of a man, ergo, a villain, and turning him into a hero, a vicious villain's psychotic attempts at becoming a hero to the one he loves, forever changes their shared destinies.

This is not a film for the faint of heart. The violence is often stomach churning, while the cold blooded actions of a merciless mercenary will send shivers down your spine. However, at the same time, the bubbly effervescence and undiluted romance of the lead pair will surely bring a smile to your face, as will the innocence of a child caught between hope and expectation.

Finally, the extremely nuanced performances by Ritesh Deshmukh (a revelation, and brilliant), Shradhaa Kapoor (fantastic, and effortlessly heartwarming), Siddharth Malhotra (excellent, and very different from his earlier outings), and Aamna Sharif (just what the psychiatrist ordered!) will make you go through a gamut of emotions in steady succession, finally culminating in an unprovoked opening of the floodgates.

The real hero of this film filled with villains (almost everyone has gray shades - including the nefarious Kamaal R Khan - playing as irritating a character as he appears to be in real life) is actually its Music courtesy Mithoon and Ankit Tiwari (especially the two versions of the song - Teri Galiyaan), who do not disappoint after the hugely successful Ashiqui 2. The biggest villain in this film is fate and its cruel twists and turns which, like tentacles of an omnipotent hunter, slowly binds it's prey to a future you cannot escape from, come what may, and irrespective of how many times you pray (again, a recurring theme in this film).

I loved the director Mohit Suri's 'I saw the Devil' but don't care approach as far as storytelling was concerned, and director of photography's brilliant execution of wishful thinking, especially during the songs and panoramic shots of the city. I would have enjoyed even more if the writers had chosen more thrills over violence, but then the mush more than makes up for these shortfalls.

Overall, "Ek Villain" is a movie which if missed will definitely make you repent, and feel like a villain. Just go with the flow and catch the nearest show. And need I add? Ritesh - take a bow!

Reviewed by Ria Zworski 10 / 10

Worth the watch! Good film!

I for one thought it was an excellent movie. Okay, seriously though, so many people are complaining that it's a Korean movie ripoff, but how many really saw that movie in the first place? Regardless of where the plot is derived from it was an enjoyable watch. It was great! The only qualm I had was Remo Fernandez's performance. It was rather contrived, but honestly that is about it. The non- linear plot format was intriguing, especially when compared to modern and rather stale mainstream Bollywood films. The various characterizations as well as embedded parallelism and circular plot progression can also provide good post-movie conversations. Despite reading negative reviews about Malhotra, a all I can say about him is wow. Not only is he magnetic on screen but he did exactly what he had to. He doesn't have many lines in the film, but he manages to convey his character's issues so well! Riteish was very good--I wanted to hurt him myself, and Shraddha was also very good. I honestly think that those who are reading the negative reviews and deciding to take a hike are truly missing out! Watch it!

Reviewed by Sophia Khan 2 / 10

What a waste of 3 hours

This movie was recommended to me by a friend who was trying to 'convert' me and get me to like Bollywood movies. Now I am not saying I dislike all Bollywood movies but I do need certain things when watching a movie: Good acting, a strong ORIGINAL plot and a decent storyline. Ek Villain has none of these.

The lead actress is so irritating from the second she shows up on the screen that you actually enjoy the scene when she is murdered and wouldn't mind watching it again & again. SHE CANNOT ACT! The lead actor seems promising....for the first 3 minutes. However you quickly realise how terrible he is when he cannot change his expression at all. In terms of acting, the only award should go to the serial killer's wife - she played the nagging wife role really well and the viewer was able to see how she has emasculated her husband.

The storyline is so appalling, not just because it is a blatant rip- off of Korean thriller "I Saw the Devil" but because it is such a poor imitation. As viewers we are already expected to believe that the hero can beat up 100 men in one go and is somewhat immortal, but for me I really lost interest when we see the actress cured of cancer without a single session of chemo. Who is this amazing and miraculous doctor and why is she not out there curing cancer for everyone everywhere and sharing her miracle??? And I also didn't know that Indians have the ability to go deep-sea diving without oxygen tanks! Apparently there are some gill-like tendencies that are inherited by Indians that I really wish I had. Perhaps we are all living in the wrong place and need to move to India where they have cancer curing doctors and magical underwater, unlimited oxygen supplies?

To sum up; terrible movie, atrocious acting, hilarious goofs but really nice songs. Go buy the CD and save yourself 3 hours!

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