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Kang-ho Song as Man-seob / Kim
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prashast Singh 10 / 10

A Taxi Driver Review: South Korean Cinema at its best & in its finest form.

Movie: A Taxi Driver (15)

Rating: 5/5

I've been highly impressed long time by Song Kang-ho, and I've been watching many of his movies since later few months. I was highly excited to watch his new historical action drama A TAXI DRIVER, because the trailer was highly impressive. It showed how the film would turn out to be. I just wanted to see it as soon as possible and I finally got the opportunity.

A TAXI DRIVER, without a second thought, is the best South Korean film I've seen till date. From narration to execution to performances to presentation: it's perfect in each and every aspect. The change in the tone of the film has been brought up extremely well, thanks to its director Jang Hoon. The screenplay is never disappointing throughout, and the film comes out as both a refreshing as well as a memorable experience.

The film's editing is top notch as it doesn't take much of time to introduce and set up the characters as well as the storyline. As the film progresses, you find yourself connected to the characters, especially the ones of Song Kang-ho and Thomas Kretschmann. Both actors have delivered extremely excellent performances, and rather so excellent that I ended up rooting for them completely. When they smiled, I smiled. When they cried, I cried too. Rest of the supporting cast, especially Ryu Jun-yeol and Yu Hae-jin deserve a lot of praise.

The film's technical aspects are top notch. The visuals are breathtaking and the story is well captured by a first-rate cinematography. The film's action sequences are another major highlight, as they induce a lot of excitement along with tension as to what would happen next. The film's not extremely violent, and thus I recommend you to watch it with your family. There's no vulgarity or obscenity in this film.

There are plenty of emotional sequences which make the film a totally unforgettable experience. Watch the film and you won't find it difficult to guess which scenes I'm talking about. Various emotional, thrilling as well as action packed sequences have been elevated by the brilliant music.

A TAXI DRIVER is a hard-hitting film which must be seen not just for its overall excellence but also for the message it delivers to its viewers. It's hard and almost impossible to forget the film, as you're left highly emotional & impressed by the time the credits start to roll. In short, a perfect masterpiece from South Korea!

Reviewed by olverney 8 / 10

Definitely worthy to watch

Not a native English speaker, please forgive me some errors in English.

I was a 5th grade living in Cheonju, Korea which is north about 50 miles from Gwangju when the massacre took place in May 1980. I still remember that full loaded paratroopers holding an M-16 rifle dispatched every corner of the streets in my home city, guarding during the period of the Gwangju outbreak, because Choneju was the major big city right next to Gwangju. They looked physically tired and gruesomely cold to the eyes of a 5th grade kid. My mother asked me and my younger brother not to go out of the house. My uncle who had business trip to a local office in Gwangju came by us briefly and went back to Seoul. He was so frightened telling us to prepare for some food and necessities for possible war situation. As a person who used to live in Cheola province in 1980, I can hardly see the photos of 80's in Gwangju without coming to tears. My review of the movie may be biased in some extent.

Not long before Gwangju's uprising, president Park Chung-hee was assassinated at the dinner table by one of his close cabinet staffs, the head of the Korea central Intelligent agency. In this political turmoil a military general, Chun, Doo-hwan led a cop d' Etat to seize the political power and imposed martial law throughout Korea to prevent from the democratic movements. People especially college students protested against Chun, Doo-hwan asking democracy for Korea. Gwangju was one the cities where the student's demonstrations took places in May 1980.

This movie does not really go into the details of the civilian killings and the whole facts of the atrocities done by the military troops which have been known later. Some people criticized that the lack of the realities and facts is the limit of this movie, which is the same limit that has been shown from other Korean films on Gwangju democratizing movement. However, I think that it was director's (Jang Hun) intention to show that way. Since the phone and all the communication methods were all disconnected, even people living in Gwangju who was so isolated may not have had full view of what I was happening. It must have been so confusing and disturbing to believe that broad ranges of the ordinary people living in Gwangju were brutally abused and became the targets to be killed by highly trained the military troops whose job is actually to protect its very own people. Wishfully magic and miracles should have taken places for the sake of the people in Gwangju. However, it is always too painful to acknowledge the fact that the bullets left the lethal rifles exactly follow the physics penetrating thin late spring clothes they wore and tearing the flesh and bones.

The movie shows that the paratroopers in the front line firing the bullets in the kneeling posture. Many witnesses for Gwangju say the same thing that paratroopers aimed the civilians on the streets and shot at them. It is so outrageous and disgusting to hear the statements of Chun, Doo-hwan that he was not responsible for ordering to fire and simply denied it, even he said that he is a victim of Gwangju as well. Who would have ordered it then?

The movie successfully shows that even politically indifferent Man-seob is voluntarily involved in coming back to the chaos because it is not a matter of the political viewpoints anymore, but it is matter of following his conscience or not. It may be his way to response to the sacrifice of the college kid, You J-Y. After the commotion in Gwanju, Man-seob was finally set to be free leaving Gwangju with helps from other local taxi drivers. As soon as arrived in Suncheon which is 32 mile from Gwangju, Man-seob orders a noodle while his car is being fixed. He overhears from people saying about what is going on in Gwangju and realizes how they are deceived by media completely controlled by the government. Furthermore he is given a Ju-muk-bob for free which tastes the same of it that tossed to him by a woman on the streets in Gwangju. Driving back to Seoul alone, he is singing a song and at same time slowly sheds tears. He decides to follow his conscience to go back Gwangju however it could cost of his life. His only family member, his daughter would become an orphan by his choice. This movie with Song Kang-ho's excellent acting makes it perfect to feel his agony and hesitations as an ordinary might have in his shoes.

This move was made in the period of Park's administration. Artists, actors, writers, performers etc. who lobbed a wrong way against the government were secretively chosen to be listed so called the black lists. In spite of the atmosphere, the movie was made by brave people that I really appreciate those Korean actors, director, staffs and those who participated in the movies, as well as the role of German reporter, Thomas Kretschmann.

Reviewed by joaosantos20 10 / 10

A masterpiece

I've been watching Korean movies for a long time now, and this is just another amazing work of art from Korea. Great acting, Song is one of my favorite actors, he is amazing in this movie, but all the cast is to be praised. The story is very well told, it grips you to the screen from start to finish and it is not a small movie. I knew part of the troubled history of Korea by i had no idea this massacred ever existed. The way the director gets us there is no short of an amazing accomplishment, you never feel the movie is too long or just going trough the motions, it involves you in the story, you really feel like you are there.

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