A Street Cat Named Bob


Biography / Comedy / Drama / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 76%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by david-78697 10 / 10

I Dare You To Leave The Theatre Unhappy After Watching This Gem.

As an avid cat lover I was always going to enjoy this movie. And as a person who myself suffered an addiction, and am in recovery, I totally related to the Lead Character in every way. Whilst dealing with the subject of addiction is a very difficult issue to cover, I thought this movie covered it well. Highlighting the lead character's isolation,, detachment from the outside World and people in general........and the redemption he found by meeting Bob, a wandering cat, who just happened to enter his life.

The touching story line that involved the developing relationship between him and Bob was beautifully told. The cat made him smile again, gave him a reason to live. His social skills with people were not good but with the cat, he became stronger and happier as each day passed.

This was a wonderfully uplifting film I related to on so many levels. Excellent acting, and Bob the cat. was the best of them !

Reviewed by Todd Parsons (Splood) 9 / 10

This film has a genuine goodness to it.

I've seen a lot of bad reviews for this film and honestly they're totally undeserved.

It's been criticised for not being gritty enough, being "featherweight" and lacking in conflict. To me this just speaks to a deeply pretentious need to be shocked - a film about someone who's suffered doesn't have to show every hardship in gory detail. Yes, there's a place for visceral, gruelling, Trainspotting-esque masterpieces that hit home the sheer horror and hopelessness of homelessness and drug addiction in the UK, but that's not the only kind of film that's allowed to exist.

This film isn't aimed at film critics looking for a cinematic thrill, it's aimed at a (dun dun duuuun) mainstream audience, and it has a very different objective. You aren't supposed to leave feeling like you've been there, you're supposed to leave feeling like there's hope. It makes you want to (and feel like you can) help. That's the kind of film that encourages people to donate, volunteer, generally do good. That's a worthwhile thing.

The strength of the film is its moments of kindness. Many claim that the film doesn't "hit home" because the sad bits weren't sad enough and the scary bits weren't scary enough. It hit home for me. It had me holding back tears on multiple occasions, but it did so when it was happy. The bit where the woman who chatted to James and Bob early on gives them some tuna and a knitted cat scarf, the bit where Betty gives James one of her brother's paintings (something irreplaceable that she clearly treasures), James's Father's face (fantastic performance by Anthony Head btw) when James tells him he's clean. This film is brazenly kind, the overwhelming message is one that people are good.

Yes, it's cheesy at times, but it isn't patronising. James is someone you empathise with, not sympathise. You don't feel sorry for him. I think this film set out to do something very different than what professional film critics look for. I think it succeeded in that, and I think that's just as worthwhile as the lofty artistic ambitions of grittier cinema.

Sorry for this review being more of a response to criticism than a discussion of the film's merits, I just think this film deserves to be stood up for.

Reviewed by Guy Jeffries 9 / 10

Not just a movie for cat fans. Incredible true story.

I'm actually really surprised, recognising Roger Spottiswoode's name but totally forgetting he was the director behind The 6th Day, James Bond's Tomorrow Never Dies and another animal buddy movie, Turner & Hooch. I haven't seen any of his work since The 6th Day and I'm not sure why, but I'm surprised to find him behind the camera for this one. Maybe because it's a British film of a British story, me possibly expecting a Brit to be director? Regardless, he's a great choice as director, especially with his experience of working with animals on film.

This one being a stray ginger tomcat that gets named Bob after finding recovering drug-addict, James Bowen, played brilliant by Luke Treadaway. Now, this busker and Bob is somewhat of a London legend, how the two become inseparable and skirt about town busking and selling magazines on the streets of touristy London, hitting national and local papers and well, the outcome is fairly obvious, book deal and a film to boot.

Though there were quite a few cats used to play the part of Bob, it is nice to know that the real Bob actually did quite a bit of filming. Him being the real life littlest hobo that gladly doesn't choose to move on. And the real life James Bowen getting his rightly deserved cameo with a clever line of dialogue.

Working with animals is something you get warned about when on set but Spottiswoode certainly has a majesty way of capturing the character of our furry friends whether it be a Dogue De Bordeaux or a polar bear cub. It can't be an easy task and most have taken dozens of takes to get the right frame and the editing is superbly done with animal POV perspectives and clever camera work.

Treadaway gives a brilliant, believable and powerful performance conveying the hopelessness, torment and desperation effortlessly. Ruta Gedmintas also adding some colour to the film supported by some good British casting. It's amazing to watch the bond form between Bob and James as they both tend to each other.

Another two elements that stand out about this film is the music, the busking songs performed by Treadaway himself, which help tell the story though slightly disappointed it's music written for the film and not songs original to the busking, though, the songs are catchy and full of heart, much like the movie. The other element being London itself, the sights and the not so nice parts of the city actually give a real feel, either though bleak.

What's so magical about this story is that it has come to this, and that it's a true story of hope, companionship and cosmic justice. It's heartfelt, touching and feel good; Perfectly paced, enchanting and enjoyable. Not just a movie for cat fans.

Running Time: 9 The Cast: 8 Performance: 9 Direction: 9 Story: 9 Script: 8 Creativity: 9 Soundtrack: 8 Job Description: 10 The Extra Bonus Points: 10 for Bob, and his and James' incredible story. Would I buy the Bluray?: Yes.

89% 9/10

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