A Quiet Place


Action / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Emily Blunt as Evelyn Abbott
John Krasinski as Lee Abbott
Leon Russom as Man in the Woods
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Platypuschow 8 / 10

A Quiet Place: As good as they say

A Quiet Place was critically acclaimed and for some reason that tends to mean I won't like it. No idea why I just don't tend to follow the unwashed masses when it comes to movies, I am however mistaken sometimes.

Starring real life married couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, also directed by the latter this highly original horror got my attention from the get go and held it throughout.

It tells the story of a post apocalyptic world that has been torn apart by mysterious creatures that find their prey exclusively through sound. It follows one family as they try to survive in absolute silence.

The fact there is such little dialogue or really any form of audio is how A Quiet Place finds its identity. I'm not saying it hasn't been done before but it hasn't on quite this scale and it works considerably better than you'd imagine.

The cast are great, the cinematography is fantastic and the story is really well put together. To add to this I think A Quiet Place is genuinely one of the most tension filled movies I've ever seen, I squinted, I cringed, I clenched my fist, on sat on the edge of my seat multiple times throughout.

A Quiet Place deserves the critical acclaim, though it's not perfect it is however an absolute triumph and a real spectacle. Certainly one of those "Movies to see before you die" types.

If you haven't seen it yet, do something about that.

The Good:

Very engrossing

Well acted

Highly original

So incredibly tense in places

The Bad:

Just a couple of poorly thought out moments

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Kids are a liability

Kids shouldn't be trusted with anything ever

Kids suck

Reviewed by andrewjens-336-975762 4 / 10

I am speechless ... at how others can give this film 9 and 10 stars

This film is a classic case of "we just have to make a film about that premise", however what the people involved didn't do well is figure out how to cover all the plot holes the premise was always going to introduce.

The introduction is moving and sets up the premise well, however I started to realise the lack of care that would be taken later in the film when I realised that I was being asked to believe that a four-year-old (left to walk by himself at the rear of a family in a dangerous situation) could get two batteries inserted in a toy. Even if the kid could do it, the chances would be only one in four of getting the batteries oriented correctly. Why didn't the creature come back to hunt the father based on the sound of his running footsteps?

So it's possible to kill the creatures with a gun? Okay, then ... with gun ownership in the US being about one per capita, surely the creatures would have been wiped out long ago by having provided the population with the target practice they must secretly crave?

So a family with kids survived whatever (unexplained) apocalypse occurred prior to the film's beginning, but the army didn't?

So the creatures have no vision and super-sensitive hearing? What about a sense of smell?

So no one talks in their sleep or snores (or has farts)? Do toilets flush?

So the creatures can rip though a metal grain silo, but not instantly get into a truck to get at the two kids inside? And out of interest, how do you harvest a field of corn without making a sound? How do you remove the kernels of corn from the cobs and get them into the silo?

So they have to play Monopoly with crocheted pieces (to avoid noise), but the sound of a truck rolling down a hillside is okay?

I think that would be shortest labour in history. I'm pretty sure the timeline in the movie is continuous enough to prove that she only had three or four contractions. None of that annoying 30-hour stuff for her!

Would the hearing aid really have broadcast with enough power in the right frequencies to affect the creatures that much? Would those frequencies have been reproduced by the microphone system? Who knows? Perhaps. To be honest, I find the similar resolution based on the playing of Slim Whitman's "Indian Love Call" in the film "Mars Attacks!" to be almost as believable.

Why not spend most of your time living behind the waterfall? Why not set up a remote-control noise maker on the lawn and set up position on the porch with a shotgun? And I'm sure that I'm only scratching the surface when it comes to solutions.

And there were too many horror-movie clichés: intensely irritating sounds at crucial moments and terror originating just outside of shots tightly centered on actors.

The cocking of a shotgun just prior to the credits screams sequel. That really would leave me speechless.

I will say that I thought the actors did a fine job. No problems there. If you want to suspend disbelief entirely and just let horror clichés wash over you for ninety minutes ... this is the film for you.

Reviewed by Kmb_the_Nepali_reviewer 8 / 10

Nicely done horror + thriller, quite recommendable but has many flaws .

"A Quiet Place" directed by John Krasinski is a genuine and tensed horror/thriller. It has a unique premise and backstory. The setup for the story has been done well. The performances by John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, along with the child actors is awesome. The direction of Krasinski is "awesomer". The tension and the thrills were genuinely great. That's something I have not seen in a horror/thriller for a long time. Speaking of horror, what we take as "scary" is totally subjective. If you're watching this to get some jumpscares or to see a ghost, this ain't your movie. There are many moments that give us the feeling of getting into the jaws of death, unexpectedly. Those were some real thrills. And, the characters know what's gonna kill them and why. So, whenever such things take place, the tension is amplified (no pun intended) and whether or not they are gonna succeed at the particular moment keeps you terrified. For me, anything that keeps you terrified is real horror than some ghosts and jumpscares, so I got my "horror" part in this movie, after a long time. It's not that it doesn't have any false scares, just one or two though. Whenever something goes wrong, you can feel the s**t happening. That's some incredible directing. It's just an awesome thrill ride until we reach the third act, where things just turn into the same old "daddy loves you" things and the final moments were a bit less satisfying for a thrill ride we witnessed for the majority of the movie. There are some notable plot holes regarding a "better" place they should've lived on, some sounds making no significance in the context of the movie's own rules, the way a lot of food, medicines don't get used up after such a long time, the crops being harvested (without any noise?) etc. The movie also shows certain stuff as if it was trying to say "see this is a plot device, see see SEE!" and it actually is so. One plotline with Emily Blunt and her "youngest child" was something that made no sense to be honest as per the movie's own rules and was obvious to play out in the later part of the movie. The way it was playing out was damn good, but we knew that something was up regarding this. That's all I can say and have to say about this movie, without spoiling anything. If you watch the movie, you'll know what I am pointing at. On the whole, I cannot overlook the flaws but man, I had a great time watching the movie. It's flawed but intriguing. It's probably the first Krasinski movie I liked so much. I have seen one or two other movies he made, some years ago. They were forgettable to say the least. This was, at least, unforgettable and nice. It gets an "A-" and an "8.3/10".

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