A Nightmare on Elm Street


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Katie Cassidy as Kris Fowles
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Connie Britton as Dr. Gwen Holbrook
Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Frosty_RSIFX 2 / 10

Plagiarism: A $100Million Industry

When I left the theater last night, I couldn't help but ask myself one simple question: Why? Why did they remake this movie? Especially if they have nothing new to bring to the table, in terms of story or character development? Even the worst Hollywood Horror Remakes (House of Wax, The Hills Have Eyes, etc.) Have SOME SORT of interesting twist to include, but this movie had none. It's as though Michael Bay was watching the original and thought to himself "Man, I wish I had thought of this." Then, instead of using his inspiration to go make something fresh and original, he just hijacked the classic franchise and then dulled it down to its most basic and crappy form. And now, when I refer to A Nightmare on Elm Street, I have to specify whether I mean A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) or A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) even though they're essentially the same thing. Now I have another question: When is the next "genius" in Hollywood going to "reimagine" 2001: A Space Odyssey? Or Pulp Fiction? And for that matter, when is Nickeback going to come out with their own version of Abbey Road?

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) is a charming, entertaining and occasionally-terrifying romp. It is the Crown Jewel of a Golden Age of creative and energetic horror films. A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) is a bastardized Hollywood rehash with no soul. It was completely pointless, even by Horror-Remake standards. Hollywood ran out of Japanese horror films to remake, and decent comic books to adapt, so now they've victimized another American Classic. There's one interesting sight gag, and they blow that load five minutes into scene one. The horror is not psychological, or even tangible. It is just a bunch of spooky, ominous whispering for minutes at a time, followed by the obligatory jump-scene, where the bad guy jumps out of nowhere, makes a startling hissing sound and the victim screams. The audience jumps, a bit, and then let's out a little giggle. But they're never actually scared. Cheap and Lame.

Before the film started, they showed a preview for Robert Rodriguez' upcoming film "Predators" When the title flashed across the screen, I couldn't control myself. I shouted "Boo!" A few people in the theater laughed. I hope they were laughing because they feel the way I feel: I am sick of remakes, and prequels and sequels. I am sick of Hollywood executives making hundreds of millions or dollars, without ever actually coming up with any ideas of their own.

Reviewed by Justin Case 3 / 10

Where was the whimsical world of nightmares?

The first scene was my favorite part. Through the remainder of the movie Freddy's voice became more of an annoyance and distraction than a cause for fear (very similar to Christian Bale's Batman). I entered the movie expecting to get whisked away to the wonderful dream-world of Freddy Krueger but was instead pulled into a high school slasher film promoting a typical killer with a grudge and thirst for blood. The fact the victim was trapped inside a dream battling with Freddy wasn't quite enough to satisfy the sense of a nightmarish killer's dream world. The movie lacked the demented mental toyings a character like Freddy should possess (e.g. Pennywise). At the premier, the entire theater let out a "Boo" at the end of the movie. I recommend watching the original Freddy movies instead.

Reviewed by Brendan Takash ([email protected]) 2 / 10

As A Long Time Fan of the Series, I Hated This One

Let me start out by saying that I first saw A Nightmare on Elm Street when I was 6. Ever since, I've loved every sequel (well, maybe except the 2nd). A Nightmare on Elm Street is my favorite film of all time. That's not an exaggeration. It was not a perfect film, but it was suspenseful and gory.

The remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street was terrible.

You're hearing it from a hardcore fan. I was not someone against Platinum Dunes making the remake. I was fine with letting Robert Englund go. I was just excited to see Freddy once again on the big screen. I wish I hadn't. This was worse than the Halloween remake. Worse than the Texas Chainsaw remake. Worse than the AMITYVILLE HORROR remake. Stay far, far away.

You know you have problems when Freddy is revealed five minutes into the film. Not in a silhouette, but in full make-up. Right away we know the writers aren't looking to create suspense. That's what made the first one work, so why in the hell would we keep it here? It's never a mystery as to who or what Freddy is. Granted, with all his popularity, it might seem pointless to keep him hidden, but it would've made his character a hell of a lot scarier.

The acting is on par with the Twilight series. It's a one-note job for everyone available, even for Freddy. Robert Englund made it work because of his unpredictability. Jackie Earle Haley, a very good actor, is clearly given a poor script to work with. His one-liners aren't scary. They're not funny. They're just terrible. Haley had just as much to say as Freddy in his funny-days, but the difference here is how contrived his dialogue is. I watched "Freddy's Dead" right before the premiere to lower my bar for this film, and I found myself wanting to watch that one all over again. THAT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN.

The original didn't have the best actors by a long shot (not even Johnny Depp), but they felt real enough to root for them. Here, Rooney Mara and her good-looking cast create no sympathy. They just don't feel like real people.

The whole mystery IS FREDDY A GOOD GUY plot? Terrible (word of the day). I don't want to spoil anything but...come on...this is Freddy Krueger we're talking about. He was scary because we didn't know much about him. As soon as you throw in a back story, he's just any other killer. Remember when Freddy wasn't just any other killer? Good days...good days...

Oh, and SPOILER ALERT....there's only 4 deaths. But, unlike the original, they're poorly placed throughout the story. You shouldn't have to sit through 40 minutes of a phony, pointless mystery in order to NOT see anyone get killed. And the deaths themselves are unimaginative, perhaps the most boring of all the 7 films. Thanks for playing it safe, Platnium Dunes, that should rake in a few more target audience members.

The original Elm Street is beginning to show its age. Still, nearly 30 years later, the original is still more terrifying than this play-it-safe-and-by-the-numbers reboot. I'm appalled by the wasted talent of Haley. This new series won't draw in any new fans like the studio hoped. This new series doesn't cater to the original fans. This new series is...well, just like every other reboot in recent memory; it was created out of greed, not entertainment. As a lifetime Freddy fan, I find myself sad to say that this franchise is dead.

And my coupon for a free ticket I got in the blu-ray edition of ANOES isn't eligible at AMC theaters. I hate you, Platinum Dunes.

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