A Lonely Place to Die


Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Melissa George as Alison
Sean Harris as Mr. Kidd
Paul Anderson as Chris
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jordan Link 6 / 10

Great potential

This was a movie of great potential. I was immediately invested in the landscape and characters. But here's the thing - mountain climbing speaks for itself and so did the location. There was no reason for the movie to turn into a generic action film, but it did.

Reviewed by marieltrokan 7 / 10

The imbalance in which excellence can't be questioned after having proved itself

The main type of thought, and the main point of view concerning the thriller drama A Lonely Place To Die is a contemplation that's fun for being incorrect.

One word is fun, another word could be correct; A Lonely Place to Die is a film that creates thought which is correct "because of" its erroneous nature. The story provokes incorrect judgement, but the incorrect judgement is a source of inspiration.

Somehow, A Lonely Place to Die is the force of exposure not deserving to be honoured. The urgency of truth doesn't deserve to be acknowledged. Within an urgency is a story, and yet truth has nothing to do with story - truth and story are diametric realities.

An urgency, on its own terms, is something which gravitates towards purity; combine urgency with truth, and the problem becomes very apparent - the movie is the assumption that purity has a right to be distinct to truth.

Purity is a state of excellence, or a state of efficiency. Efficiency has been assumed as a separate state to truth, forcing the implication that truth is susceptible to corruption. If truth can be corrupt, then why the hell should any efficiency deserve to be respected?

In all fairness, the meaning of A Lonely Place to Die can be summed up as follows: being right to reject the efficiency of possible corruption. Of course, this sort of definition leaves a few loose ends.

It should be a virtue, to doubt corruption, however, it's the peculiar nature of A Lonely Place to Die that corruption only being a possible truth is a cause for disappointment. The movie is the corruption of inadvertently letting the fact of corruption be a welcome state, in turn letting the possibility of wonder be an unwelcome state.

Wonder can't be a fact, as it's counter-productive to the meaning of wonder. The fact of purity and the meaning of wonder co-existing is a very silly and impractical kind of arrangement. For purity to be a fact, that would effectively require wonder to not be possible.

A Lonely Place to Die wants it both ways: to have excellence as a certified state "and" to have belief. News flash: belief mandates impurity, and so it makes no sense for the same reality to question the integrity of an excellence after having already confirmed that the excellence is worthwhile

Reviewed by Richard Desmond 4 / 10

A lonely place to waste my time

As other reviews have gone before, this film does pretty well in its opening scene, a tense yet enjoyable journey up a cliff face only to end in near disaster, setting the tone for the rest of the film....NOT. Some nice establishing shots.

In a nutshell I guessed the ending less than an hour in(not that I'm trying to brag), I always felt one step ahead of the plot (NEVER a good sign). The acting was OK, the plot diverged SOOOOOOO far away from what would of made it compelling, interesting, original film, yet it fell into a clich├ęd boring ending, black and white in terms of the characters.....and just to put things in perspective....'The Descent' (a FAAAAARRR better film than this) cost just as much and did so much more with the idea of outdoor adventure gone wrong, interesting sympathetic/empathetic characters.....just let that sink in.


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