A League of Their Own


Action / Comedy / Drama / Family / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 77%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 84%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 81023


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Tom Hanks as Jimmy Dugan
Téa Leoni as Racine 1st Base
Lori Petty as Kit Keller
Bill Pullman as Bob Hinson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leplatypus 4 / 10

As much a movie with Téa Léoni as with Madonna (vhs)

This is not Dick Tracy 2! Sure Madonna delivers a nice song, but during the movie, she has not a big part: i don't remember to see her playing the ball actually because she is rather here to have fun, dance, seduce boys and talk with a big mouth (so it's not really acting from her). That's why she is as essential as Téa Léoni who appears in two plays for her team ... The movie is more about Geena Davis and Tom Hanks; Honestly i expected the movie to be enjoyable all the more that the 40s period is well done but however, it is not he case: the pace is terribly dull, Hanks is really not cool here and there is not much good scenes... Maybe the ending with the true players redeems a bit the quality but otherwise, it's too late and too little...

Reviewed by Mike LeMar 6 / 10

I couldn't quite give it a 7

Good movie except for that I'm lost about Doris' attitude. She feels for Evelyn crying about the coach yelling at her for missing her cutoff man, pointing him to the hall to the locker room when the ump tosses him, and then walks by the dugout and makes fun of Kit for not being able to finish the game. Not only that but Kit understandably retaliates by nailing her in the head with her glove, only for HER to take offense for some reason by firing her water in her face. She insists Kit "not start with her" when Kit pursues her. How in the world is Kit starting with her? Is Doris on drugs? Finally, the coach hauls KIT off to the showers to "cool off" after brawling with her. So again, I'm lost.

Reviewed by David Ahlstrom 3 / 10


I was always surprised this film did so well at the box office. If you are a baseball fan it is almost unwatchable. I like Tom Hanks but he mostly snarls and growls in the film. Madonna is a complete anachronism and painful to watch. Most of the other women are simply irritating. Only Genna Davis is worth watching. Completely fails to capture the spirit of the wartime America. Don't waste your time with this turkey of a film.

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