A Good Man


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Steven Seagal as Alexander
Victor Webster as Sasha
Tzi Ma as Mr. Chen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Comeuppance Reviews 6 / 10

A refreshing change for Seagal

A man known only as Alexander (Seagal) is a former Special Ops soldier. After a mission doesn't go as planned, Alexander goes "off the grid" - WAY off the grid as a handyman in a Romanian apartment building. After living life under the radar for a while, he becomes mixed up in a mob war between Russian and Chinese gangsters. After becoming friendly with his next-door neighbor Lena (Verdes), he becomes especially mad when her daughter Mya (Nicolaescu) is kidnapped by the super-evil baddie Mr. Chen (Ma). Alexander then teams up with a fighter named Sasha (Webster) and, after years of living a violence-free life underground, goes into full battle mode to save Mya and perhaps redeem his soul. But will it be at the cost of losing his status as A GOOD MAN? Let us see...

We finally have some good news to report on the Seagal front. We actually liked A Good Man, and we believe it's his best effort since Urban Justice (2007). The vibe is quite different from the latter movie of seven years previous, as we're now deep into Seagal's Eastern European DTV phase, and he's a long way from beating up homies in the hood. One of the main reasons we can be so positive towards the movie is that Seagal is not a sadistic torturer this time out; while calling him "likable" is just a teensy bit of a bridge too far, this is the closest he's come in years, and we give him props for that. His character is well-suited for the project, a sort of wise and weary veteran who has seen it all, but who can still fight when need be. It doesn't call for him to be vicious, belligerent and brutal, which made for a refreshing change.

While the voice doubles and stand-ins are still here, they seem less egregious because we were reasonably entertained by the movie as a whole. Plus, they're now an indelible part of the Seagal experience, so you might as well sit back and enjoy them. Additionally in the win column, he's surrounded by some quality on-screen talent: Victor Webster has some nice fighting moves and a good screen presence. He was last seen (by us at least) in the silly Gangland (2001), and makes a nice foil for Seagal, just as Byron Mann did in Absolution (2015). Perhaps not coincidentally, that was also co-written and directed by Keoni Waxman, who seems to have hit upon a good formula for the Seagal vehicle. Tzi Ma is also noteworthy as the philosophical baddie.

As we've noted time and again, oftentimes the little kid in the action movie steals the show, and the girl who plays Mya was one of the better attributes here. You can see why  Alexander wants to save her - she's not annoying like a lot of on screen kids. The movie also tries to be topical, with Islamic terrorists and drone strikes at the outset of the proceedings detailing the former life of Alexander. Whether it's normal or not to have a 62-year-old man in the field with all the young bucks, we don't know. We'll have to consult our team of military experts. The fight scenes have some cool moments and the whole outing is not quite as stupid and brain-numbing as you might think it would be.

We're truly hoping Seagal and his behind the scenes bros (he calls a lot of people "bro" in the movie, by the by) go more in this direction in the future. We hope now, after a lot of unnecessary dumbness in years past, he's finally found his niche.

Reviewed by FishersRJF 7 / 10

Great Victor Webster film

This movie should have starred Victor Webster with special guest star Steven Seagal. Victor was is most of the fight scenes and did most of the better acting. Steven did his typical F word for everything and the final battle so he could be the hero. The plot was very lame and I don't think the little girl should have been so OK with all the blood and fighting. It would make more sense that the females were Sasha's wife and daughter, not siblings. That was a weird part of the story. Plus the love interest between Alexander and Lena was just wrong on so many different level and I think she was young enough to be his daughter. Gross!!! All in all this was a great Victor Webster movie. Not sure it should have given top billing to Steven Seagal, but he is the better known actor, so I understand why.

Reviewed by classicsoncall 6 / 10

"I'm a regular man who does bad things to bad people."

Oh my, the first appearance of Steven Seagal on screen in this picture was so shocking I didn't want to believe it was him. The man has not aged well, and for an action movie star, that's not good. I had to wonder if he would even perform any martial arts moves in the story, but that question was answered fairly early. What actually amazed me while watching this was the fact that twice now in back to back viewings, I ran across a reference to 'Gwai-Lo' - the white ghost aspect of Seagal's character in the story, going by the name of Alexander. Just yesterday I watched an episode of the X-Files titled 'Hell Money', and the same term was used with a slight difference in spelling, although the term 'gui' in that show also referred to a ghost spirit. These types of serendipitous occasions seem to occur frequently enough to qualify as my own version of an X-File, but that's neither here nor there.

So now, instead of taking on street thugs, drug pushers or crooked cops, a Seagal film enters the arena of jihadi terrorists and the Russian mob. It's actually not too bad a story after a somewhat clumsy start, with Alexander getting involved with Romanian siblings trapped in a nightmare of repaying their deceased father's debt to a Russian kingpin, who in turn is a lackey for a Chinese crime lord.

There are the expected martial arts sequences one tunes in for in a Seagal flick, although quick cutaways during the fight scenes suggest Seagal himself isn't necessarily performing all of them. Victor Webster as Sasha handled himself pretty well in his action scenes, and the gore factor is probably enough to suit most fans of this type of stuff. It's only a very short limb though that I would crawl out on to actually recommend this one. With Seagal way past his prime, one might better relive his past glory as an action star in one of his earlier films.

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