A Ghost Story


Drama / Fantasy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 92%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 36314


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Brea Grant as Clara
David Lowery as Neighbor's Ghost
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by david_r_fry 2 / 10

Pretentious, self indulgent, and unoriginal.

Nothing in the movie is actually original, with the possible exception of the scene where the allegedly grieving wife spends 15 minutes eating a pie while sitting on the kitchen floor. Even that scene isn't actually all that original. For example, the Andy Warhol classic "Eat" is about a man sitting alone for 45 minutes eating mushrooms. "Eat" doesn't explain why the man is eating the mushrooms, but he doesn't look like he's grieving anything.

If I had directed this movie I would have had the grieving wife take off all her clothes and smear the pie on her breasts, and then improvise the rest of the scene. Maybe the ghost could have come along and licked the smeared pie off her body with his ghost tongue.

David Lowery doesn't appear to have much imagination. He probably didn't consult the male star, Casey Affleck, for suggestions either. I bet Casey could have come up with some good ideas.

Reviewed by YourSonsDad 1 / 10

New Account Reviews by the Bushel.

Saw it, and there is no way the high reviews and ratings are not fake. You can even tell by the join dates and number of total reviews. Also, even, if as the fake and/or pretentious reviewers say, this is a movie for those who "appreciate art" and can immerse themselves in "feelings"; there is no way they all just happened to conglomerate here, for this movie in order to overbalance the real reviews which tell you quite clearly, this movie is terrible. Who in their right mind can honestly say they are happy to have paid to be bored to tears? Sure, what is boring to one person may not be to another, but I think anyone would agree that watching people do mundane things like move boxes and eat for ten minutes at a time, no matter how you frame it, is still universally boring.

Reviewed by american_acoustics 9 / 10

Mesmerising, quiet journey

I watched this movie in solitude on a small screen with headphones on, and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. When it ended I felt the same as I do when finishing a book. That sort of satisfaction that can't be shared with those around you who didn't share the experience. It felt deeply personal and at times quite challenging. I see a fair amount of hate in a lot of the comments on here. Is that what we do now, trash other people's work just to be reviewers? Well done to all involved in this piece of work, and may it live for eternity.

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