A Ghost Story


Drama / Fantasy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 92%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 31470


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Brea Grant as Clara
David Lowery as Neighbor's Ghost
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tiffyds 1 / 10

Don't waste your time

This has to be the worst film I have ever watched. In all honesty it took me 3 attempts to get to the end as I found it that dull I fell asleep, and by the time I had watched it, I quickly realised why I kept falling asleep. I recommend watching paint dry as it is more entertaining

Reviewed by Brian Sciro 6 / 10

A film with a whole lot to say, but an inability to say it

'A Ghost Story' is a film that, as its tagline says, is all about time.

And 'Time' is what we certainly explore in the crisp 92 minute run-time of this film that meditates on what happens after we die, what our existence amounted to, and what memories have to do with time in its influence as it passes.

Much as these are weighty concepts, and ones I think could make for a spectacular film if all bundled properly together into a cohesive piece, 'A Ghost Story' seems to fumble a bit with such grandiose concepts.

Much as it sports this grand point, director/writer David Lowery struggles to get beyond this one particular point he wants to make. Like a showman, as any good director could feel they are, he displays his point he wants to make with flair and passion. You can feel his love for his message oozing from this film, and the care he feels for it as the film presents itself in a cozy and warm 4:3 presentation...

...But unfortunately, like any one-trick pony, it eventually gets old. The point of this film begins to hit home rather quickly, and it begins to feel one-note and almost tiresome at times. There's actually a certain point where a character even EXPLAINS the point of the film, in one form or another, and it almost borders on the line of pretentious.

But, just because this point feels muted and one-note, does not mean this film lacks merit. Its presentation, as I said, is unique and feels remarkably cozy, almost like the blanket of a vivid family photograph or a memory from long ago. Along with that, the score is delightfully serene and almost 'cosmic' in nature, despite this film's remarkably small scale.

Certain things will work for people in this film, certain things will not. A now-infamous scene in this film involving a pie still has me questioning whether I appreciated it for its gravity and weight to its story, or whether I disliked it for feeling self-indulgent and pretentious.

In the end, however, this film is indeed like the memories it stands to comment on. Some memories are good for people. Others are bad. I know people who ADORE this film, and I know people who disliked it and felt it had little to say.

In the end, it is mixed for me. I liked it, but in the hands of someone stronger at conveying these messages, I feel something truly profound could have been made.

That said, I recommend you all give it a chance. Maybe this will resonate with you like a long-lost song would...

Reviewed by parker-58 6 / 10

The longest hour and a half I've ever experienced

I didn't hate this film, but it missed the mark on so many levels. Rooney Mara's talent is essentially wasted in her role as the grieving widow. Casey Affleck is...well, Casey Affleck, and in his defense, he doesn't have much to work with here. The director gets points for making a silent bed sheet somewhat watchable. And, there are a few really good scenes, which I won't describe in case you absolutely, positively want to watch this. However, I have to warn you that unless you're willing to endure long stretches of nothing of importance happening, you probably won't care for this film.

This is what happens when a director decides to make a work of art regardless of what the intended audience wants. Points awarded for trying.

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